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Wilderness into Delight

Recently a friend called me as I was chanting a chant that theoretically was helping me to reach outside myself to find the beauty that surrounds me. Usually I don’t pick up the phone while I am chanting; it just isn’t what I do.  But my friend Suzi and I have not been able to connect lately and I really needed to hear her voice and be touched by her energy.

Upon answering the phone, I told Suzi that her timing was perfect!  I was chanting what Rabbi Shefa calls “The Miracle”. “He transforms her wilderness into Delight, her wasteland into a Divine Garden.” (Isaiah 51:3) Our journey is vast, but we are blessed to continue finding the beautiful light that so often surrounds us.

Suzi and I had both faced some devastating life experiences in a very parallel ways.  Our childhoods, our lives, and the struggle for our children to survive multiple brain surgeries.  Both of our children are doing great.  But sometime, you need a friend who really understands your darkness, so I picked up the phone.

While talking to Suzi, I began to consider the power of this chant.

Moving through life’s transitions can be a difficult on a good day.  Rebuilding your life after working through a devastating experience takes time.  When I move through life, I usually find the light somewhere streaming through the darkness, but sometimes I can’t find the light so easily.  My hope is that I will remember that I have been in tough places before and I ultimately have always found my way out.

Treading through the pain isn’t easy, but I am blessed to have a few tools that guide me out of the wilderness.  It feels funny to think in terms of life challenges, pain, and darkness as being the Wilderness.  On the other hand, it makes perfect sense.  When I hike, I often find a daunting moment as I climb up a mountain or take a particularly challenging trail, but then when I reach a moment of undeniable beauty, I can’t help but pause for a long moment and just breath in the delight, the beauty, the awesomeness of the universe.

Through chanting, drawing, writing, walking, and praying, I often find my center.  I find beauty even as I am walking through the tough stuff.  Reaching out to friends and loved ones helps, as does letting those loved ones reach out to me.  Breathing in the light and the energy that comes from the universe and than releasing it into the greater world also brings me through the obstacle course called life.

Finding the Delight takes work, but with work I have been able to find beauty in the Wilderness.  How do you move through the Wilderness?

With blessings and light,

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