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Note: I will be Counting the Omer for a total of 49 days, from Passover to Shavuot or from Slavery to Freedom.  For many, this is simply the Counting the Omer; for me, it is a time to actively reflect on different middot (character traits) that will lead me to my own rebirth.

Middah (character trait) focus:  Wholeheartedness

Wholeheartedness.  There are many tenets of Wholeheartedness, but at its very core is vulnerability and worthiness; facing uncertainty, exposure, and emotional risks, and knowing I am enough.” ~ Brené Brown

Over the last couple of days, I have heard (and read) both Bre Brown and David Whyte speak about wholeheartedness; on a core level this concept very deeply resonated with me.  In order to live as  authentically as possible, I need to allow myself the space to be real without fear.  Or if I have fear, perhaps I need to embrace it by breathing into the uneasiness.   Wholeheartedness living is the journey of my soul.

While I have a strong thriver mentality, I have also had to face my own fragility and neediness.  My heart has been shattered many times over my lifetime and yet I still approach life with an open heart and with hope.  Always.

Living wholeheartedly is not an option, it is a given.  May I be blessed with the ability to push through all of my intensity and to be real at every step.  And with each step may I be surrounded by love and support and may I do the same for others.

May I remember to breathe into all that is as I walk within my wholehearted journey.

With blessings and light, Chava


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