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Cafe Passe lights up my life, literally.  Each and every time I come to this unique space, my entire body sings.  I love the textured walls, the light fixtures, the vines and plants that are surrounding the courtyard that feels comfortable regardless of how hard the chair is.  The sound of the trains passing by comfort me like a soft lullaby.

he song of my heart;
the meaning of my mind,
the feeling of my soul;
s what makes me whole.

Each and every time, I sit down to write, my raw emotions bubble to the surface,  Writing allows me the space to be free and to emerge as the person I am.  With writing I do not hide behind the silence that sometimes guides me.  With writing, I feel like I am nestled in the embrace of my lover, my loyal friend, and the love of my life.  How beautiful is that?!?!

So today when I came back to my long lost favorite writing place away from home, I found the cocoon that makes me feel at one with my being.

Yay!!!! I am happy!

May each of us find

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Saying good-bye isn’t always easy, yet sometimes we are forced to experience the inevitable.  How ironic that the word shalom in Hebrew refers to not only good-bye, but peace too.

Another fascination for me is that the root letters for the word shalom infer wholeness or completeness.  With that in mind, perhaps once you choose to accept the reality of saying good-bye, then you have the possibility of being a little more whole or at peace.

In truth, we all experience endings or loss.  Sometimes those you love die; sometimes relationships change or end.  Life is a cycle; relationships have a cycle.  As it says in Kohelet, Ecclesiastes, “To everything there is a season. . . . “

May our souls have the ability to let go when saying good-bye becomes our reality.

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