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Tornado Sunrise 17January2016

Sunrise with hint of looming tornado Photo Courtesy of Iris Koller

Each day I awake
to the rhythm of my heartbeat.
to the intensity of my soul.
to my breath.

Each day I
feel the holiness of the world.
thank G!D for the beauty that surrounds me.
pray for the strength to move through the storms of life.

Each day I
believe in human kindness.
trust in my beloved village.
hope that life’s nightmares will go away.

Each day I
watch the waves of life crash against the waters’ edge.
sensing that that there is more I can do to make the world a better place.
and yes, doubting that I have what it takes.

And yet
giving up is not an option.
managing the turbulence that often guides me is my work.
striving to NEVER GIVE UP.

Hineni, Here I am. . .
navigating passion that resonates deeply.
dreaming that calm settles the turbulent rush of the water.
believing that the rippling of pebbles makes the world a holier and more beautiful place.

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(From Adon Olam – last verse)
Into His hand I entrust my spirit,
as I sleep and when I wake.  
With me in spirit and body, 
YHVH is mine, I need not fear.  (translation by David J. Cooper)

בְּיָדוֹ אַפְקִיד רוּחִי
בְּעֵת אִישַׁן וְאָעִירָה
וְעִם רוּחִי גְּוִיָּתִי
יְיָ לִי וְלֹא אִירָא

Over the past weeks, I have come to realize that life’s twists and turns are sometimes more than I can handle. Mostly I keep the darkness at bay.  I find my footing and strive to keep taking one step at a time.  Quite frankly, it amazes me that I have any success in this at all.  Regardless of how I feel inside, I always keep moving forward – even if I have to pause for a moment and work through what is going on deep inside of me.
Ultimately, I believe in the possibilities that surround me.  The open doors are beckoning to me and inviting me to walk through when and if I am ready.
While I do realize that somewhere along the road I have had to accept new realities and unanswered prayers, I am also aware that I don’t always understand the big picture.  Trusting that all will be ok is ultimately what I do.  Each day might have moments of uncertainty, but I also feel the love and light that surrounds me and my sons.
With all of this in mind, I am now allowing my journey to veer off course and to coast for the time being. The time has come for me to stop for a little while and to trust that by giving myself breathing room, I will ultimately end up where I need to be.
There is no option but to trust in the universe; fear does not serve me in the least.  ‘Sometimes you just have to ride the waves. . . . .’

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Big Lake  Photo Courtesy of Libby Quinn

Big Lake
Photo Courtesy of Libby Quinn

Life is full of chatter, senseless noise that people believe have a purpose.  Yet, it is the quiet between movement and noise that touches me deeply.

The space between the words and the notes are powerful.  The quiet between the crash of the waves and the leaves blowing in the wind seems to energize even the most tranquil of beaches and forests.

May we all be blessed to find the silence that propels us to new heights.  May the silence within lead us closer to our inner beauty.

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Balance comes from riding the waves.

Life brings us so many waves.  The expectant doesn’t always come our way; sometimes the wave breaks and we wipe out. And other times we ride the waves.

May we find the tools within ourselves to ride more waves and embrace life with balance.

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