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Connecting with friends and those that are not yet friends

Anyone that knows me knows that I love people.  I love to interact with everyone no matter where I am. And when that interaction is positive, I am the happiest person in the world.

The funny thing is that I can connect to a stranger anywhere I go.  There really are no real strangers to me.  If I meet someone in the grocery store, in the library, on the street or in a park, it doesn’t make them any less important than if I meet them in a more familiar setting.  Each and every one of my interactions leads me to a new friend if only for a moment.

Making initial eye contact is the best!!! And when eye contact leads to a conversation, I am often in heaven.  (metaphorically speaking of course) I love the look in a stranger’s eye when I have actually made eye contact and when I am able to connect for a moment.  Most people love that moment; some people would prefer to keep to themselves.  I am happy to honor whatever people need.

Lately, I have noticed that more and more people need a moment, a kind word, and a validation.  Including myself.  We all need to be heard, whether or not it is by a friend via email, a phone call, or within a conversation.  When people ignore my emails or phone calls for a long time, it drives me nuts. On the other hand, everyone is so busy.  I am far from perfect, but I am fairly good at getting back to people within 72 hours; I am working on responding within 48 hours except for work if it is my day off.

The bottom-line is that everyone can use a kind word, a compliment, loving energy.  When you speak with both warmth and integrity, you not only illuminate your own soul; you bring light to others.

The below youtube is a gift that one of the kindest people I know shared on her Facebook  links.   Take a few minutes to watch this video in it’s entirety, you won’t be disappointed.

With light and blessings,

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