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When I was a little girl, I was addicted to watching television.  If I were terribly honest, I would say that TV was the closest thing I had to companionship.  I would watch television for up to eight hours a day.  I loved the soaps as well as any program that could take my mind to another dimension.  I also loved the variety shows as well as the family shows.  When I wasn’t watching the TV, I would read books that pretty much did the same thing for me as television.  I loved when my mind was able to go into a fantasy world; anything outside of my world was fantasy. Anything outside my world was good.

That was then; today my life is void of all television.  I really don’t have time for television; there is so much life to live.  I love to write, to draw, to organize, to read, to walk, to be with my kids, and to daydream! I am not sure if I have actively watched television since I was on bed-rest during my pregnancy with Aryeh, now 17 years old.

So this past Saturday, I had to laugh when I was essentially berated for not knowing how to operate a television.  And the best part about the conversation is that it reinforced how far I had come from the days of allowing television to be my world.  My life is so full without having a TV in it.

Ironically there have been a few occasions to watch TV, but even with that I tend to seek what I want to watch on computer.  The gift is that when I have watched TV, it is usually because someone else in my family is interested in seeing a show, so they turn on the TV.  During this past election, I did watch every possible debate via TV, but so did everyone in my house (including the dogs).

The disturbing reality of Saturday’s conversation was how people sometimes make assumptions.  Perhaps I am so comfortable with understanding that multiple intelligences guide how people function in the world.  I rarely, if ever, think of someone as limited for moving through the world differently than I do.  I do, however, become troubled when people fail to open their eyes and consider different options for exploring the world outside of what they “feel” is the only correct way.   I am open to new possibilities; I love learning from others and trying new experiences.  The truth is that I don’t even mind using a remote as long as someone can show me how to do what needs to be done.

Hopefully when I feel frustration at something that someone can’t do, I take as long as it takes to show him or her instead of berating them in any way.  And hopefully, if they sense a moment of frustration in my reaction, hopefully they remember to laugh.  We all take the small stuff way too seriously.

So who is willing to teach me how to become a little more technologically savvy?  😉


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