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Would you prefer to continue limping, or are you ready to remove the stone from your shoe?~ Susan Scott, “Fierce Conversations”

We all have things in our lives that need our attention; most of us procrastinate doing the things that are a little awkward, a little less enticing.  A chore, a conversation, a long overdue visit to someone in our lives.  Life is full of opportunities and with that comes a To Do List that can feel overwhelming.  Metaphorically, there is always a pebble that needs to be removed from your shoe.

Nike, the shoe manufacturing company said it right when they started using the slogan Just Do It.  Those three words say it all.

  • Instead of thinking about the tasks you must accomplish – Just Do It
  • Instead of thinking about the challenging conversation you have to have with someone – Just Do It
  • Instead of putting off a visit with someone that you really want or need to see – Just Do It.

There are so many tasks that need our attention; There are so many words that need to be spoken; there are so many people in our lives that need our attention.  The list of what we want and need to accomplish goes on and on, but unless we take the necessary steps to get things done they won’t get done.

Opportunities are there for when we have them and sometimes we lose precious opportunities through procrastination.  We also take an inordinate amount of time and mental space thinking about our long To Do List.  Unless you take the rock out of shoe, you really can’t move forward comfortably.  Maybe it is time to take Nike’s words to heart.

Just Do It.

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