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Tonight we counted Day 45 of the Omer, which is 6 weeks and three days of the counting. Day 45 is referred to as Tiferet sheh b’Malkhut,  Beauty within our kingdom.  A beautiful kingdom is one that is blessed with Shekhinah’s presence.  Only when God or godliness dwells where people are, is it possible for a malkhut or ’kingdom’ to exist.

H.G. Wells said, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”  Different people will find different things beautiful.  For me, I tend to look both inside and outside of all people, situations, and environments.  The bottom-line is that intention matters.  Metaphorically and physically speaking, it matters how things appear.

May we each reach to find the beauty that surrounds us.

May we each reach to find the beauty that surrounds us.

When we weave together all the different aspects of a community, we can either find godliness or not depending on how we look at the world.  Generally speaking, I tend to find the beauty in most of what surrounds me, gifts within the challenges and light within the darkness.  With each step I take, I crave beauty and I look for ways to navigate the darkness that often emergences from life’s challenges.

This week alone, I found that my eyes were opened on at least three occasions when I initially saw things one way and then became enlightened.

  1. The first moment came when a man from Cleveland essentially rescued three women.  Initially I thought he was a low class, but then he suggested that a reward that he had been offered be given to the women who really needed it; he was fortunate enough to earn a paycheck.
  2. Yesterday, I went to a look at a yoga studio .  On the outside, it was really a more simple studio than I had ever seen.  Once I went inside today, I fell in love with the space and the energy that encompassed the entire environment.
  3. Tonight, I went walking with my son Aryeh, we saw two nice looking young men walking around, but then we saw them slow down and start really looking at the different houses.  While initially they seemed to be close friends or lovers on a stroll, they eventually looked like young men casing the neighborhood.  The beauty of the last scenario is that I was able to see past my initial vision and then to make a good choice by calling the local police who listened.

In each example, I could have gotten lost in my first impressions, but ultimately I saw things clearer and found a moment of godliness or maybe the shekhinah’s presence in what transpired.

May each of us be blessed to see Shekhinah’s presence or godliness as we walk on our way.

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