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Feeling restless in Tucson. . . .

My mind never stops.  Never.  I seek, I reflect, I rewind, I consider and reconsider.  I love the way I walk in the world.  Mostly.

And that is just my mind.

Grappling with the life that surrounds me is not always about confrontation, it is about reflection and conscious living.

Alas, the time has come for me to silence my mind and allow my quiet to overtake my restless mind.

AND I am constantly moving.   Work. Dogs. Parenting.  Exerce. Did I say dogs?

Many journeys happen with these feet.

Many journeys happen with these feet.

This week, I found myself struggling with the constant motion in my world.  To be fair, I am coming off of an active period of work;  we found a new dog last Monday; and I don’t seem to have enough time to chill.

The good news is that I am acknowledging reality and looking for ways to quiet my restless spirit so that it becomes possible for me to walk a little more gently.

Part of quieting my mind is to quiet the constant inundation of information that is surrounding me.

  • Turn off Facebook
  • Stop texting
  • Give myself set times to connect online
  • Allow uninterrupted productive time
  • Exercise daily
  • Take time to chant, to read, and sit in silence

The time has come for my restless mind and my restless body to stop and become more present with what is.

“Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.”  Thich Nhat Hanh


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I love Facebook!

As someone who has lived throughout parts of the United States and who has had the opportunity to actively engage in some national organizations over the years, Facebook offers me the chance to stay connected to those that have touched my life since the beginning of time.

Everyone has a story; some share their stories on Facebook.  The veil of Facebook allows us to reach out when we want, to share what’s makes us think, scream, or laugh.  We get to know some of our friends differently then we do one on one; some might say this is a good thing. 😉

Over the last couple of years, I have often been touched by the love and support I have received via Facebook.

  • When illness struck, I asked for prayers, support, visioning.  In response, the love always flowed.
  • When I needed to find out information or insights, friends shared useful information.
  • When death or loss struck, my friends offered condolences and warmth.
  • When I began my journey to health, my friends supported me and gave me tools as needed.
  • When I needed to laugh, my friends shared stories.
  • When I needed an old friend, I could easily reconnect with someone that knows all of me.
  • When I wanted to know more about what was going on in the world or to find articles worthy of reviewing, links are plentiful.
  • When I wanted company as our family moved away from DC, my friends traveled with me nearly every mile.
  • When I wanted to share my writing through my blog, my friends pulled the link off of FB and took a few minutes to read what was on my mind.
  • When the debate was going on last night, I was able to gain insight into so much of what I was hearing through the different thoughts that were shared on many of my friends’ status lines.
  • Etc.

Compiling the list above made me laugh.  I kept asking myself should I write this list in past or present.  In truth, Facebook is ongoing.  I have become a better friend because of it and meaningful friendships have been sustained while others are born on Facebook.  I have stayed in touch with so many people that I love, but would not be able to stay connected to if Facebook didn’t exist.

Facebook keeps me connected to those I adore, those I want to know more, and real friends.

As much as I love Facebook, it is also a tool for staying connected; it is one of many tools.  Picking up the phone, texting, sending an email (or even a snail mail) is more personalized; my goal this year is to do these things more.

Waking up yesterday morning, I was able to see who woke up smiling, who woke up a little grumpy.  I was able to learn of the rain and another friend’s horoscope.  I love knowing what jazzes people and what annoys them too.  But at the end of the day, Facebook doesn’t share the whole story; it shares the parts that our friends choose to share.  I love the gift; I know the limitations.

I love when people tell me that they know how I am through my Facebook.  While I don’t think people know the entire picture, they do know that which I share.  The challenge is that all of us evolve over the course of the day, so what you think is significant upon reading, might have changed dramatically after ‘an incident’ at work or after a great lunch with a friend. This makes me laugh; FB has proven that many of us have a multiple personality disorder.

I love what Facebook has to offer!! Now I have to remember to engage in an old-fashioned phone calls, to send an email or a text more frequently, and to be more present for those I love when time allows.

Don’t worry, I will always share how much I love the moon, the stars, the sun, and the sky.  On Facebook, I have the audience!  Love knowing that what I say matters even if it is only for a moment.

Celebrating a birthday on Facebook is the best; both receiving birthday wishes and giving them!

Gotta love Facebook – I do!

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