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From the Narrow place I called out to God
who answered me with the Divine Expanse. (Psalm 118:5) 
Translated/Interpreted by Rabbi Shefa Gold

There is nothing normal about me. In fact, I fit no where, but find my place in nearly every space I choose to go. In many ways this is gift and yet I find myself bound by the world I am building and the sacred space I am craving.

Here is the the thing, as we move into 5779 (the Jewish New Year), I am profoundly aware that I have little to say to those that believe in Trump or believe in Israel’s current government. I have no patience for those that stand in a world that does not consider “others”. I find the people that want to build walls to be deplorable at best.

Day 29 - Build BridgesAnd yet, I know all of us need to find a way to meet in the middle if we are to build a world with more love and less hate.

I am struggling – really struggling.

There must be something beyond the dysfunction of our world. There is so much work to be done, but it isn’t going to happen if we don’t find some middle ground or build at least a few bridges.

Today I am finding myself looking deep into my soul and hoping that I can find the inner strength to build bridges in all areas of my life. While politics may feel the most daunting right now, they are also a symptom of my spirit not being as grounded as it needs to be.

May this year be a year for building bridges and crossing the insurmountable divides.

Onward with love, light, & authenticity,

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Tonight, we counted Day 11 of the Omer, which is  is 1 week and 4 days.  We refer to today as Netzach she-b’Gevurah, Endurance within the power of life’s journeys and within our own strength.  To live life fully is to live within the power of our beautiful essence.

December 24

In this moment, endurance is taking on new meaning.  This week in particular has been internally painful; I have been grappling with the question of  how can I move forward without allowing  life’s powerful challenges to take over my spirit.  I love life and I needed to find a way to stop struggling and  propel myself forward.   This was an internal struggle that was moments long with profound benefits to follow.

A part of me had given up on feeling and I didn’t want to return to the place I had once been; I didn’t want to stop feeling because that is truly something that makes me who I am today.  I embrace the world the way I do because I allow myself to listen to the rhythm of life.  The realization caused me great pain and many tears and then something happened.  I let go of pain and started moving forward again; I started believing that I could keep moving forward.  My spirit returned.

While I am still struggling, I realize that I had chosen to let pain railroad my spirit.  (For those of you that are looking, it was not one ‘event’ that took place, it was a series of unrelated events that hurt me deeply.)  I needed to go to that place for a little while so that I could find the spirit that has actually sustained me through many darker times within my life.  Endurance is the key to navigating within the power of life’s journeys.

In this moment, I am still treading a bit, but internally I am actually relieved.  My spirit is beginning to soar again and I believe that nothing will ever truly break my spirit.  This week has been full and I have endured the shadows of my mind and my soul.  There is amazing power in deciding to thrive and in riding life’s waves.

May we all be blessed to find the light within the darkness.  While all of us sometimes experience the shards of glass that have cut our soul, it is through these cuts that allow the light to enter our very beings.

May each and every one of decide to find the light within life’s storms.  May our endurance thrive as our powerful life journeys continue.

(Note: I am a writer, I use writing as a means of finding the answers to my many unexplained emotions and unanswered questions.)


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