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It Is What It Is

“It is what it is.”  My father spoke those words as he lay dying.  The conversation might have been one of my more communicative conversations in his last days of consciousness.  While some might take those five words and cringe with an intense realization, I have adapted these same words as my motto for living.

I love life—all of life! Life is full of twists and turns that enable us to evolve to be the people we are.  That doesn’t mean that life is hard or that it is easy; it is simply just life.  Living is an action word and action is what makes us who we are.

Life is full of gifts and challenges.  And with those gifts and challenges we decide how to move forward or more accurately how to live with what is.  I tend to embrace all experiences by reflecting how it makes me feel.  And then I ask myself what was learned from “X”.  I am always learning something; I am always gaining perspective from what happens to me personally and what I observe happening in the world beyond me.

I, like everyone, have moments of feeling challenged, frustrated, and angry.  The good news is that for the most part they are just moments.  The moments pass and I can then focus on the new opportunities and how to move forward with them.  Inner peace is something I work towards on a daily basis through my own spiritual  and writing practice.

My smiles are genuine.  My inner joy is real.  And with each and every emotion, I have an intensity that flows.   I reflect on everything within me, around me, and beyond me.  To the core of my being, I am real.  Those people that know me well generally see me as I am.

Seeing the world as full and filled with blessings allows me to thrive.  My life has included not only euphoric joy but also deep sadness and dark realities.  Somehow I was blessed with a gift of finding the positive moments within daily occurrences and incredible pain.

  • When a challenging situation occurs at work, I tend to consider what is it that I can learn from the experience.  It is what it is.
  • When catastrophes occur, I tend to notice how people are stepping up to the plate to help or how even the horrible times have a few miracles. It is what it is.
  • Car accidents happen at the worst possible times.  Many say, “damn, I am going to be late.”  I tend to say, I am glad I didn’t leave earlier; that could have been me.  Or I am glad no one was seriously injured.  So, I might be late for a meeting.  It is what it is.
  • After Aryeh’s second brain surgery, I had many thoughts racing through my head as I watched him lying in ICU and intubated.  Specifically, I remember thinking that no matter what happened, I was grateful to having him in my life for as long as I have.  Fortunately, he made it through the horrid three years and is now thriving. It is what it is

Life throws us tons of curve balls on a given day; the question we always need to ask ourselves is how are we going to face what comes our way.  I prefer to see the sun shining and the rain as refreshing; others think of getting sunburned and drenched. .. . . . it is what it is.  🙂

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