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Today is Day 19 of My Selfie Challenge. This is my time to look at how I walk in the world and to shake loose from some of the very things that bind my spirit.  And if I am going to be really truthful, it is my hope that as I take each photo, I will learn to be just a little happier with the person that I am. As a seeker, it is my time to find the beauty that is me.

~ ~ ~

Day 19There is a shift happening within me and around me. For tonight, I am going to simply honor what is by allowing for the quiet space to exist.

So often I try to embrace every aspect of the world, but not tonight. Tonight, I am going to drink hot tea and to mindfully breathe and simply be where I am.

For once I am going to try to simply allow for the shift that is happening instead of struggling with it.

If anyone wants to send calmness of spirit and breath my way. . .thank you!

Sending love, light, hope, and blessings each and every one of us.

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