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Sandbox - Facebook comment2

Two nights ago, I went to hear a lecture at the local Jewish Book Fair.  The good news is that before that the other night, I had I had never been repulsed by a writer that I had taken time to hear.  Oh well, there is always a first.

After leaving the book fair, I wanted to take a shower so that I could cleanse myself from all the scummy energy and then find a way to connect with the world around me.

Photo Credit: Cara Debusk

Photo Credit: Cara Debusk

I am growing so tired of hatred, lies, and the stark realities of the world. Instead of always being focused on the tough stuff, I want to take all my favorite people, my imaginary friends, and perhaps a few friends of friends, and go to a sandbox and simply play.  Old fashioned sandcastles have never looked so good.

I am not alone in wanting a play date.

On Thursday night, I posted on Facebook, “The only friends I want are the ones that can really play in the sandbox. . . . the rest are probably a waste of time.:) What followed that posting makes my heart sing. My friends offered their shovels, their buckets, the uncomfortable realities of sand, and a strong desire to play with me. Twenty people liked the photo in just a couple hours and a few left comments over the following day.

We all are looking to play in the sandbox whether it be for real or metaphorically.

Photo Credit: Shoshanna Schechter-Shaffin

If more of us took time to play together, our world would be a lot brighter. Taking time to play and create strips away some of the barriers that come when all you do is focus on the differences or the challenges that exist.

Whether we cook together, finger-paint together, or make sandcastles together, playing will always allow for our hearts to emerge and giggles to emanate into the world.  Once that happens, we can really make a difference for good.

Who is going to join me in the sandbox?

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Can we ever go back to the sandbox of our toddler years?

I love Israel, at least theoretically I do!  I also struggle with the choices that her government makes and how so many of the people relate to the world around them.  Prejudice seems to manifest itself throughout the country not just between Israel and her Palestinian neighbors. Ouch.

For a country that was created with diversity at every turn;  prejudice has often permeated the soil and interactions between the many souls that live there.   My hope is that more Israelis learn to play in the sandbox with each other and then with their Palestinian neighbors too.  The blessing is that there are already some brave and peaceful souls playing together; we just need to see more joining those ranks.

With every ounce of my soul, I know that I have to keep doing what I do.  Every day, I vision a more peaceful Israel and the world around her too; politically I try to do my part within my country; I pray/chant for things to get better.  I also try to support the people that are in Israel as they do the grassroots work of Tikkun Yisrael (repairing Israel).

In my fantasy world, a sandbox would make everything better.  If we had left the world to toddlers and young children playing together, everyone would really get along much better.

Can’t more of us try to go back to the sandbox?

With blessings for peace,


PS – The below chant was written for healing in response to yesterday’s terrorist attack by Dafna from Nava Tehila. “Adonai will give strength to his people; Adonaiwill bless his people with peace.” Psalm 29:11

May it be so!


This chant is so powerful and can take each of us through our own inner journeys as well as towards peace within the larger world too.

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