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Note to Seeing the Door series:                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Wherever you go, possibilities surround you! By opening both your eyes and your heart, a door will always appear.

Have you ever noticed how many different types of doors exist in the world?  Nearly each and every door leads to an opportunity.  Some doors are physical; other doors are metaphoric.  All doors lead to opportunity.

On Facebook, my friend Deborah Grayson  Reigel posted a fantastic Coaching question of the day, she asked “What’s absolutely perfect about your life right now (no matter how small)?”

What a great question!!!  There were many answers from the simple to the more complex; each one thoughtful and each one unique.  The one response that left me in a quandary was, “Does anything else matter if you and your loved ones are healthy?”  I love when people challenge me; I love when people make me think.

Well my initial response was that good health is not enough.  So many people have good health but are crumbling inside.  I have seen ‘healthy’ people hurt.  I have had friends who seemed to have it all choose to leave EVERYTHING behind.  One of my favorite people committed suicide.  So, if I think that way, good health is not enough.

Upon further reflection I realized that in Judaism, we often pray for the healing of body and the healing of soul.  So now I am much less conflicted.  There are a lot of ways to look at being healthy.  Different doorways lead to better understanding; I am really glad I took a few minutes to ruminate on what being healthy means.

In case your curious, my answer to Deborah’s coaching question was, “Writing is a beautiful part of my daily life and sometimes my writing even touches people.”

May we all be blessed with a healthy spirit and a healthy body.

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Tonight we counted Day 20  of the Omer, which is 2 weeks and 6 days of the counting of the Omer. Today is referred to as Yesod sheh b’Tiferet or foundation within truth.   Tiferet is not simply beauty, it encompasses so much more; when you see the complete picture of Tiferet, you also see balance, harmony, and ultimately truth.

There is nothing more beautiful in the world than truth.  That doesn’t mean it is always happy or good, but it does mean that the rawness has the capacity to touch those that are open to it.  Have you ever:

  • heard a touching song or prayer performed or shared by someone who feels each and every note?
  • heard a baby or toddler’s laughter?
  • felt the comfort of a friend during a particularly hard time in your life?
  • read a book that resonates in the core of your being?seen a piece of artwork that takes your breath away?
  • experienced a moment when your story, your teaching, your song has touched nearly every person in an environment?
  • listened to a person who lives by their values and wants to share their wisdom with you?

The list goes on and on; if our heart and eyes are open, beauty surrounds us whenever we take a moment to be fully present and to  experience that which surrounds us.

As we stand strong, our foundation allows the renewal of our body and our spirit.

As we stand strong, our foundation allows the renewal of our body and our spirit.

Lately, I have become aware of how much I love people; ok, I have always known that :).  But now I am admitting that I love to be with people that are mostly able to be fully present and ‘real’ in their interactions with me and the world around them.   Nothing in life is 100%, but I’d like to see it happen more rather than less.    Life is full and I prefer having more meaningful interactions with people (especially good friends).  The fullness of these kind of connections feels so much more authentic within my life as they strengthen my yesod, my foundation.

May we surround ourselves with a foundation that leads to stronger connections and truth.

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