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Yesterday I had the privilege of tripping over one of the most amazing and profound YouTubes (link below) I have seen in a long time. There are no words to fully describe the impact of watching it. Through his song ‘Rise’ and video, Mikey Pauker invited the listener/viewer to look inside themselves and see that we all have vulnerability and inner fears.

Throughout the song, people of varying types, backgrounds, experiences, and ages were sharing their deep rooted fears on cardboard box remnants. You have to watch the video below to fully understand.

For me, this video inspired me to be real, much like I have decided to be in this 21-Day Selfie Challenge. I am embracing the many sides of my personality and sharing how I see the world and my own life.

Day 3 - Chava Selfie B & W

Day 3 Selfie: 5 February 2018

Life is messy and sometime hard. While I may seek to live simply, very few things actually ever are. And that is ok; it is what it is.

In the song, Mikey asks us to share our deepest fears for ourselves.  Truth be told, I don’t have just one fear. My life journey has too many moving parts to just have one fear.

Feeling called to be brutifully honest.

My sign would say: I am afraid that I will never be enough, do enough, or be loved enough because I am not worthy enough.

After I posted some of these thoughts yesterday, a few of my friends made sure that I knew I was enough. Wow. . .I love that. . . I love my village.  Even though my fears are very real, know that while the inner fear sometimes roars loudly, so does my beloved friends’ reflections.

What would your sign say? I’d like to know.

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Sending love, light, and blessings. . . .

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Each of us have a voice. We have feelings, hopes, dreams.  We have beliefs, thoughts, and wisdom.  Soul honesty matters.

Years ago, I wrote a chant with the words Shema Koli, Hear My Voice.  The chant is simple and has three short parts.

  • I need to listen to my own voice; my voice matters and I need to honor it.  What is going on in my head? What is going on in my heart?
  • Within relationships – Listen to each other; remember your connection to others. This is a reminder to myself to live as a partner within each and every connection.
  • As part of the universe, it is my job to actively engage in that relationship.  What am I hearing? What am I noticing? How can I serve the universe with the best possible energy?  What do I need from the universe? Am I open to possibilities?

Living with integrity is the only way for us to truly allow ourselves to shine; we are part of an intricate network of relationships.

May we all live with our own integrity as our essence shines true within each and every interaction.

With light and blessings,  Chava

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Look at yourself. Seriously.

Now take stock – As you journey towards the new year, what do you need to both nurture and nourish your body and your spirit.   Your body and spirit are sacred; in fact, many would say that you have to treat them as if they were a temple.

Treasure your body and spirit; show love by doing what it takes to be healthy.

Finding the time to care for yourself takes commitment.  Only through action can you be the best that you can be.

For me, renewing my spirit and my body means that the time for me to return to my own spiritual practices of drumming and chanting; I also have to eat  more consciously and move more.

May our spirits soar and our body’s transform as we find ways to nourish our beings.

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“Every morning I jump out of bed and step on a landmine. The landmine is me.  After the explosion, I spent the rest of the day putting the pieces together.” ~ Ray Bradbury

Life is full, really full.  And with that reality comes another reality: I am the one who creates the fullness, the chaos, etc.  With that in mind, I need to manage myself better so that I set limits to the expectations that others and I ask of me.  I also need to make time for  the physical and mental activities that will nourish my body.

As I sit here exhausted to the core, I need endurance in order to actively engage in life while also allowing myself the downtime and rest.  Can I create the time to appreciate the restorative beauty that surrounds me?

Life is complicated and nearly every person I know grapples with ‘getting it all done’.  With this reflection, my hope is to find balance; if balance exists, it is much easier to manage the landmines with a little more finesse and to create the pockets of time for restorative rest during the life’s journey.  What will you do to restore your soul?

May it be so.


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Elul, the final month of the Jewish year, is a time for reflection.

5772 became a year full of personal transition.  I found new footing and took many new paths.  I am seeking solid ground even as I leap into the air.  While the journey isn’t always simple, it allows me to actively engage in the journey.

What jazzes your soul? Are you reaching towards honoring who you are?

May we be willing to nurture our soul as we do that which makes our hearts sing.

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