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So many unique doors to go through. The Whistle Depot Tucson, AZ

So many unique doors to go through.
The Whistle Depot
Tucson, AZ

Asking for help at this time is one of the most surreal and scary things that I have ever done.

With some of my closest friends nudging me forward, I reached out and started a Go Fund Me drive, www.gofundme.com/g8o220.  In the initial letter, I shared some very real challenges and how I am trying to move forward.  To say that it wasn’t easy is an understatement.  So, with a heavy heart, I have listened to my friends who told me to reach out and trusted that people will help if it is something that they are comfortable doing.

While Go Fund Me is still in the early stages, I have been profoundly impacted by how it has been received.  At this point, it is obvious that some are supportive of what I am and doing and I can only assume that others may feel it isn’t right.  Human nature works that way. What has impacted me most is by the variety of people that have given and how most of them weren’t even on my radar as potential givers.

I am not certain if I had any real expectations of who would give, except for those people that have previously told me that they would help.  Yet I am rendered speechless by each and every one that has donated to helping the boys and I move back to the East Coast.


I have learned a few beautiful lessons over the last few months and especially with the Go Fund Me drive.

  • Limited budgets don’t stop people from reaching out to make a difference.
  • People sincerely care; they won’t let us go homeless.
  • No matter how scared I feel, there is support out there for me; I just have to ask.
  • Out of sight does not mean out of mind.
  • We are not alone.
  • Somehow we will make it to a healthier space.
  • I always have a responsibility to the world outside myself.  I loved the reminder that came from a stranger that gave me $75 with a loving note which said, “Never met you but have been in this position several times. Pay it forward.”
  • Remember to be there for friends even if a lot of time has passed and you have been out of touch.
  • Always be thoughtful and kind.
  • Give unconditionally.

The most important thing that I have learned with this journey is that I truly have the most amazing friends in the world!

May I be worthy of the trust that people are giving me – now and always.

With blessings & light,

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