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Messages come regardless of whether or not you are ready to receive them.

Doing the dance of life means that my entire being is in a state of aliveness.  Stopping has not been part of my rhythm, but that has to change.  I just can’t keep moving as I have been doing.  I am thinking too much, dreaming too much, doing too much, and generally not being as present enough in each moment.  While I am driven, I also need the rest that comes between the beats.

Those that know me are probably asking me why am I noting these above realities today of all days.  Well the reason is simple.  Today I met an angel; today I met someone who must be a healing force in this world.

While I was driving, I was in my own world.  Dangerous. Yes it was.  I wasn’t texting; I wasn’t talking on the phone; I didn’t even think I was lost in thought, but I must have been.  I am always lost in thought. And then came the moment, the moment when I didn’t note what was going on around me.  In that moment, I ran a stop sign and I hit another car.

Stay Alert


I should have been more alert; I wasn’t.

The car I hit went flying flying across the road like a pinball in the games of my childhood; only this was no game.  In the other car was a woman, a kind, gentle woman.  We both rushed out our cars to check on the other driver.  As I had my hand on my phone ready to call 911, she stopped me.  We looked at her car; we looked at my car.  Almost no damage.  My bumper will need some work, her car was well loved and aging.  She looked me in the eyes with a deep kindness and asked if I was OK.  She asked me if I was OK. I looked at her and I wanted to know how she was.  Her well-being was really all I could think about.  I had just caused what could have been an accident with grave consequences.   And she wanted to know if I was OK.  I was and so was she. Miraculous, truly miraculous.

With that, she said, no worries and got in her car and drove away.  As she drove away, I pondered what had just happened and I thanked God and the angels that must have been surrounding me.  It was in this moment, that I realized that I had just met a beautiful angel.

The message was loud and clear; it is time for me to slow down, to stay alert, and to be more present in each and every moment.

Thank you universe for waking me up;  I am alive.



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