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Catalina Mountains remind me to keep climbing. :)

Catalina Mountains remind me to keep climbing. ūüôā

Regardless of how life is
I find the light and focus on the good.
Light is full of shades from bright to darkness.

When the world is crumbling
Crumbling pieces are like remnants of cake.
Each morsel tasted and the sweetness digested

Breathing in light
Breathing out the darkness
Eventually after enough breaths, finding balance with each inhalation.

Thank God for new days
Bad days really do end
And new days emerge with beauty.

At the moment, I am keeping perspective while navigating the darkness that has been plaguing my life for way too long. Thankfully there are flowers that bloom constantly in the desert, a moon that illuminates even the darkest skies, and sunrises that revitalize the mountains while warming my heart and soul.

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Recently, a good friend, emailed me a photo of Shakespeare.  As I opened the photo, I was curious as to what I would find.  Would it be a fabulous quote by Shakespeare or a photo of the artist himself?  To my surprise, it was neither.  The photo that greeted me was a photo what I believe to be a ghost town somewhere in Shakespeare, New Mexico.

Courtesy fo Bob Carroll

Courtesy fo Bob Carroll

Since seeing the photo, I have been reflective about what perspective means. Each of us perceives the world through our own eyes and our own hearts. ¬†Our experiences help us navigate the world we travel. ¬†One person might face a difficult experience and find moments of light while another person faces that same experience and can’t function. ¬†One person might find rock climbing¬†exhilarating¬†while another person might is brought to tears the first time they try repelling down a mountain. ¬†And now Shakespeare has an entirely new meaning to me. ¬†While I will always look forward to seeing a great Shakespearean play, I am more excited about the prospect of checking out Shakespeare, New Mexico. ¬†Shakespeare has a brand new perspective to me.

Life can be challenging.  Experiencing life fully could mean a plethora of events can impact how you feel at any given moment.  Parenting, my work, my writing, the weather, my dog Рany one of these realities can bring my mood up or down if I let it control me.  While moments can be rough, I am a strong believer that I get to decide how I walk in the world.  My hope is that I on most occasions I find the light in dark situations or that I walk gently whenever possible.

To quote a wise man:

It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves. ~William Shakespeare 

We really do have the inner strength to control how we walk in this world; we only have to make the choice to use it.

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Last night I took a fall and kept a positive attitude;¬†I really believed all would be alright. ¬†I thought I might wake up terribly achey, but I didn’t nurture that concern. ¬†In fact, I didn’t even take any pain reliever for fear of discomfort. ¬†I trusted all would be OK and it was (or more accurately, it is)!

To be fair, I have a couple of bruises that are growing deeper and some soreness, but I didn’t wake up stiff or in major pain. ¬†Today I woke up with the¬†realization¬†that my body and my spirit are doing just fine!!! I woke up smiling; none of the stiffness and pain I feared will hold me back today.

Moving slower might be the prudent thing to do, but I could have told you that last night in my blog, http://t.co/ddZce1zk, in fact I did.  I truthful believe that if I was more present with each step, I would not have fallen.  While I might have stumbled by accident, I would not have necessarily twisted my body and landed on all fours.  I suspect that being present would have meant that I would have stumbled and that found my footing with a little more ease.

Today is a new day; a day full of blessings.  I am feeling much gratitude for what is.

Renewal of Body; Renewal of Spirit.

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looking inward

laughing out loud

reaching for the silence

embracing the realities

ah, with each breath, i remember a little more deeply.  reflecting on the realities of my heart and the realities as seen by others.  each memory leads to clarity; the question is. . .am I listening to the small and the big voices.

as I move through the 10 days between rosh hashana and yom kippur, i strive to listen to the inner voices and to trust the silence.  my hope is that allow the silence to flow through me as a means of gaining perspective and clarity.  i am learning that the silence between the words is often the best aspect of any thought or conversation.  unspoken words and deep breaths often exhibit the essence of what is real.

may you and yours be blessed with insight and wisdom as you listen to both the spoken and unspoken words.

with love and light,


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