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If you do not breathe through writing,
if you do not cry out in writing, or sing in writing,
then don’t write, because our culture has no use for it.
nais Nin

I am a writer. In the core of my being, I am most comfortable expressing myself through the written word.

Recently, I have been astounded by people questioning the transparency of my writing.  Is there any other way? I think not.

My teacher (who has no idea who I am) is Anne Lamott; she has taught me to write with complete integrity, to share fully, and to not be ashamed of my thoughts and feelings.  One of my favorite teachings that can be found in her book, Bird by Bird, and also in her CD titled, Word by Word, is that I have a right to share my story.  If people didn’t want me to talk bad about them, they should have never done the things they did.  So while, I generally refrain from giving a ton of the darker details of my life, I do have Anne’s voice as my guide.  And her voice resonates-always. Each of her books (and now Facebook status lines) is an example of someone who speaks what she feels from her kishkes (guts). Lamott shares the good, the challenging, the ugly; Anne is a beautiful work in progress. I aspire to have her voice as my guide whenever I am sharing my voice, my thoughts, my writing.

Each and every one of my  written (and spoken) words come from my heart and are part of my essence.  If I write them to you personally, imagine that I am giving you the gift of my heart and soul. Imagine that you are worthy of my truest love.

And for the reader that reads my blog. . . I am sharing with you my purest being. In the moment that I am sharing my thoughts, know that they are coming from the deepest part of me.

the song of my heart;
the meaning of my mind;
the feeling of my soul;
Is what makes me One

I am a writer. My words matter and have the power to impact.  My hope is to touch people in ways that make a difference in their lives; simultaneously I feel a positive energy with each and every letter and space that is part of my writing.  The rhythm of my soul is out there for anyone to treasure or to toss out.  Why would I want it any other way?

When I write, I am giving you, the reader, a part of my me.  With each word, I am weaving a personal idea, a thought, a dream; I am sharing the deepest part of the person that I have become.  And yet, what I write one moment, may evolve in another moment; I never stop thinking or growing.

With each breath, I have experienced the fullness that life has had to offer – sometimes with beauty, sometimes with pain, always finding sparks of light.  I am the person I am because of the life I have lived.  Life has blessed me with the ability to look inwards and to evolve as the trek emerges.  With each step, I write as a way to process all that was, is and will be. Capturing the many moving parts of my heart, my soul, and my mind is what I do.  Through writing, I allow the words to flow onto the page and to cleanse my being.  And sometimes, if luck will have it, my words can do something magical for someone else too.

My transparency is a gift.  I welcome you to experience a world that is mine.  Is it rational? Not always.  Is it precious? To me.  Are the moments when my emotions are intense? Of course.

May my words continue to be real –  now and always.
May my words help me stay balanced in a world that often feels off balance.
May my words inspire people in small and large ways.

May I always have the character to ‘say what I need to say’.

With love, light, and blessings,

Morning Pages Binder

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Middah (character trait) focus: Fuel Your Passions

Note: I will be Counting the Omer for a total of 49 days, from Passover to Shavuot or from Slavery to Freedom.  For many, this is simply the Counting the Omer; for me, it is a time to actively reflect on different middot (character traits) that will lead me to my own rebirth.


the song of my heart;

the meaning of my mind;

the feeling of my soul;

Is what makes me One.

Writing has been part of my life nearly each and every day that I can remember.  Writing literally jazzes my soul, nurtures my being, and nourishes my essence.  Only through writing do I process what I am thinking and feeling.  If I am not writing, it means that something is seriously wrong and that I am probably feeling broken.

Believe it or not, I wrote the verse above when I was 14 years old and had just faced what might have been the most horrifying moment of my childhood.  As I was sitting and praying that someone would help me, I had also come to realize that only through my writing could navigate the world and be at one with the universe.  Only through writing, could I be whole.  Writing was and still is my lifeline.

Writing is with me when I am happy and when I am profoundly sad.  Writing is with me whether I am alone or with loved ones.  Writing is with me when I am processing all that is going on within my life.  Writing is with me – Always.

There is hardly a day that goes by when I am not writing or at least being inspired to write.  Writing literally sustains me and and makes it possible for me to walk in the world as I do.

In my heart, I believe that I am the person I am because I have taken time to nourish my being with words.  I am not sure how people live without nurturing their own soul with a passion.  For those of you that don’t yet have a passion, take some time and try to figure out what it is that makes you feel grounded or happy or___________ (fill in the blank).  Once you do, do your best to make it a regular practice.  Develop the skills it takes so that you feel good about whatever it is your doing.  Accept when you are able to do what you love with ease and then value the tough times because even the frustrating moments will ultimately impact you for good.

Fuel your passion and see yourself come more fully alive.

With love, light, and blessings



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