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Tonight we counted Day 42 of the Omer, which is 6 weeks of the counting. Day 42 is referred to as Malkhut sheh b’Yesod,  Shekhinah within our Foundation.  Shekhinah is a way of looking at Malkhut (meaning kingdom).  When God or godliness dwells in one central location, you have a kingdom.

black butterflyPhoto©Brad Lehrer, BLCreative Studios

Bringing godliness into my essence or foundation comes from walking with my heart and soul wide open.  The world isn’t always ready for my rhythm, but when I am truly open to being my authentic self I seem to touch people which in return warms my heart .  Walking gently, being loving, valuing all life-forces, and living fully are ways for moving through life.

Many years ago, my heart was broken when my writing became a painful struggle.  For a long period of time, I choose not to type or to write a word that was personal.  I closed myself off from the written word.  During this time, my youngest son Dovi knew something was wrong.  Every day, for months, he would look deep into my eyes and ask me if today would be a writing day.  When I finally returned to my writing, my entire being was once again being nourished  with inner-peace/godliness.  I felt the Shekhinah’s presence return to my life; I saw Dovi’s beautiful energy soar; he had his Imma (mother) back.

With each breath, I pray that my body, my mind and my soul are at one with the universe and all that she encompasses.

May the Shekhinah fill my foundation and yours too!




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