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Gary’s Garden courtesy of Gary Tenen

The Garden Song written by David Mallett is an metaphor for my life, probably most of our lives.  Whenever I try to navigate a new skill or a new job or when I try to wrap my head around something that I struggle to understand, the below words come into my head:

Inch by inch, row by row

Gonna Make this garden grow

Gonna mulch it deep and low

Gonna make it fertile ground

The last few years have been full of new opportunities to push myself in new directions.  With each step I have essentially been forced or maybe inspired to explore how I will take each step.  While I sometimes appear to be self assured and even brave, that isn’t always the case. I struggle with the desire to soar in everything I do, yet I can’t possibly be all that I want to be.  It is what is is.

This week alone, I have started learning how to weed a large garden.  Slowly.  I am still getting to know a new community with all of the gifts and challenges.  I hiked on a mountain and for the first time in decades, I really struggled with a ridiculously easy trek.  With each of these new experiences, I have to remember that it takes time to feel comfortable with new experiences.

Life takes work.  In order to move through life experiences, I have to remember that the choice of how I will step is mine alone.  Sometimes baby steps propel me forward; other times I leap.  There is a time and a place for both types of movement.   Only through movement will I move forward, will I learn I new skill, will I gain insight. Only through movement will I succeed in my endeavors.

For me, there is incredible beauty in remembering that I really can move ‘Inch by inch” . . . Here’s John Denver’s version.

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