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Recently I honored my soul in ways I had never considered as an option before.  Taking the leap of faith was extremely scary and I was blessed with an amazing outcome.

A little more than a month ago, I resigned from a job that was damaging to my soul on a core level.  While the community I worked for was loving and fabulous; there were also some significant hurdles that challenged me and sometimes hurt me on a core level.  I had lost my voice and I had stopped soaring in a way that made me proud.  The blessing was that as I look back, I believe that I was able to manage my darkness privately and thrive for the community.

Moving forward isn’t always easy and I wasn’t quite certain how I was going to navigate this journey, but the journey unfolded beautiful with very little navigation needed.

Less than 24 hours after writing my resignation letter, I received the call from the leadership of Temple Emanu-El in Tucson, Arizona.  The timing could not have been better.  I called out and the universe responded.    Not only did the universe respond; she responded really clearly.

Somehow, all the pieces of the puzzle fell and are continuing to fall into place.

Sabino Canyon – Can’t wait to see it

The beauty is that I am hopeful that I am moving to a community that will give me wings to do what I love to do as a Jewish educator in a supportive environment too.  Rumor has it that Tucson, is a place that will nourish my soul.  May both be true.

Many have asked how my children are moving through this journey.  They are doing it with a lot of grace and sadness too.  All of us have loved living in DC, but it is time to experience something new.  I am certain we will all be back soon and the boys will be back even sooner.

Now let’s hope the universe opens up for them too.  May Tucson have Dungeons and Dragons, among other role-playing games.

Throughout this journey, I found myself singing Debbie Friedman’s  Lechi Lach.  Below is a link of not Debbie signing her song, but many of my favorite musicians singing her song.  This song is definitely helping me stay sane as pack up and head to the southwest.

With love, light, and blessings,


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