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Intimacy happens when you have a deep and passionate relationship with someone or something outside of yourself.  Over the course of my life, I have amazing relationships that have sustained me and brought me to this time.  When I am in love with those around me or with something I believe in, a beautiful intensity flows through me and my world feels spiritually healthy.  When I lack intimacy, profound sadness takes root and living becomes a little harder.

I thrive on intimacy; it is through intimate relationships that I am able to feel whole as a human being.  Loved ones nurture me and help me become my best self; beliefs allow me to strive for integrity and help others to do the same; wandering in the great outdoors keeps me rooted in the earth; and writing has been my one and only constant through most every day of my life.  While I love mothering and being a friend; I love my work and all of my many interests.  I love life.  Unquestionably.  Writing is part of each and every one of those connections; writing transcends those connections.

Mt. Kimball courtesy of Dana R. Adler

Moving to the desert and walking in the great outdoors here has empowered me both physically and emotionally.  With each step in the desert, I find an even stronger desire to write and to reach out with my words.  The birds, the land, the insects, and the people are all reaching out to me and inspiring me to soar through my words and through my body.  I want to walk, to dance, to run; I want to write and write some more.  I can’t help but breathe deeply and hang on for the new experiences that await me.  The beauty of this land inspires me to grow as a woman and a writer.

Through writing, I have come to understand life with all of the intricacies. I have handled life’s biggest gifts and painful losses.  With each word written, I explore my dreams, my hopes, my decisions, and my feelings.  With each word, I unlock what is often hidden below the surface.  All of my writing comes from my soul.  Under the shroud of darkness, writing comforts me. When I am bursting with joy, my writing joins me for the ride.  And when I encounter questions of the soul, I write to find the answers.

Over the years, my journals have become my closest confidants.   Those relationships have sustained me and allowed me to thrive as I remain in touch with my essence.  For a time, I lost my ability to write when I experienced someone going through my writing.  Re-creating the sacred space that writing held in my heart took many years and many tears.  I had lost my safe space; I had lost the cocoon that had protected me for so many years.

Finding my voice again is a continuing odyssey; today I write through the vulnerability so that I am no longer silenced.  The good news is that while I did become silenced as a writer, I did ultimately find my voice through chanting and drumming, and through beautiful connections with loved ones.  Even though loss often feels devastating, even burned forests can thrive again; it just takes time.

I write to process life, to actively engage in life and to create new rhythms for moving forward within life.  I write to gain a new foundation and to find balance.  Ultimately, writing is one of life’s antidotes for inner peace and balance.

With every ounce of my being, I pray that my very intimate and beautiful relationship with written word is never halted again.  May the remainder of my life allow me the sacred space and sacred ability to weave words together sometimes for others and always for myself.


the song of my heart;

the meaning of my mind;

the feeling of my soul;

Is what makes me One!


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