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(Note: To learn more information on #The100DayProject which is also known as #ActivistCardsByChava, you can see https://wp.me/pthnB-3cH.)

There is a good chance that you navigate life with a little more ease than I do. And there is equally a chance that you can totally relate to what I am about ready to share.


Have you ever put off for tomorrow (or next week, next month, next year) what you can do today? I know I have! In fact, today I realized how out of control I have gotten. This isn’t a good thing. . . not at all.

Day 23 - Just Do ItInstead of taking time to lament about how guilty and dysfunctional I was feeling, I decided to simple start doing the next right thing. And the results have totally been impacting my afternoon in empowering ways.  I am now feeling so much more positive about myself and hopefully making a difference too.  Here are just a few things that I have done over the last few hours including:

  1. organized my magazines meant for vision board workshops. (Translation: Magazines are now out of the middle of my ‘Creativity Cave’ and put into new plastic bins.)
  2. called and scheduled giving Judaic ritual objects to three different families. I am still waiting to hear from about four other families. (I have a small nonprofit called Door l’Door which gives Judaic ritual objects to people who’s homes were devastated by natural disasters.)
  3. worked for about five hours for my job.
  4. started learning Yom Kippur’s Torah reading.
  5. put a new picture on my wall.
  6. connected with a close friend. . .it had been way too long.
  7. left a message for someone who wants me to share Door l’Door with a group of 30 people in the early winter.
  8. scheduled two phone meetings for tomorrow about Project Lifeline, an action that will hopefully help children being held in detention centers near McAllen, Texas.
  9. took a long walk even though I was expecting the skies to open up. AND they did!
  10. prepared three packages to be mailed in the morning.

Sometimes you have to one step and then another; once you start, you will find your rhythm.  I am feeling so grateful because that is exactly what happened today.

Hineini, Here I am!!!

Onward with love, light, & action,

PS – I’d love your feedback on my blog, my writing, my thinking, and/or my Activist Cards!!! Feel free to like or comment. I will try to respond to all comments to this blog. Input is always welcome.


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Yesterday was a bad sugar day in my sugar elimination journey and that is OK!  Some days are like that.

 Just Say No

We decide how to move through our journeys. Yesterday I believed all would work! When something didn’t, I navigated & made it work. That included so many different aspects of life including work, family dynamics and food.  Sometimes everything works out and sometimes it doesn’t; I am on a journey to be a better person in every way.

Yesterday’s food challenge was when I picked up a bag of Terra Chips and was enjoying a bite or two before I realized that my arch enemy sugar was in them.  Oy.  Before that I had a diet soda.  Please note, I think diet drinks are toxic; in fact I know it.  And fake sweetener, like sugar is consider a non-negotiable too.

And with all that in mind, I am allowed to make mistakes and have poor judgement; it happens.  And in the end of the day, I can choose to break a bad cycle or cope and improve.

And the bottom-line for yesterday is that it was a crazy day professionally and still I didn’t fall that far off the bandwagon; for that I am grateful.

Hineini, here I am – my goal is to keep growing so moving forward is what I will do! I have work to do and people to serve!

With light and blessings, Chava

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Would you prefer to continue limping, or are you ready to remove the stone from your shoe?~ Susan Scott, “Fierce Conversations”

We all have things in our lives that need our attention; most of us procrastinate doing the things that are a little awkward, a little less enticing.  A chore, a conversation, a long overdue visit to someone in our lives.  Life is full of opportunities and with that comes a To Do List that can feel overwhelming.  Metaphorically, there is always a pebble that needs to be removed from your shoe.

Nike, the shoe manufacturing company said it right when they started using the slogan Just Do It.  Those three words say it all.

  • Instead of thinking about the tasks you must accomplish – Just Do It
  • Instead of thinking about the challenging conversation you have to have with someone – Just Do It
  • Instead of putting off a visit with someone that you really want or need to see – Just Do It.

There are so many tasks that need our attention; There are so many words that need to be spoken; there are so many people in our lives that need our attention.  The list of what we want and need to accomplish goes on and on, but unless we take the necessary steps to get things done they won’t get done.

Opportunities are there for when we have them and sometimes we lose precious opportunities through procrastination.  We also take an inordinate amount of time and mental space thinking about our long To Do List.  Unless you take the rock out of shoe, you really can’t move forward comfortably.  Maybe it is time to take Nike’s words to heart.

Just Do It.

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