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Jemez Springs, New Mexico

About 18 months ago, I found my own little oasis or maybe just a piece of heaven in Jemez Springs, New Mexico (about 40 minutes outside of Albuquerque).   Each and every minute of my time there, left me mesmerized by the beauty, the terrain, the silence, and the overall energy.  I didn’t want to leave.  Even as I type these words, tears are running down my cheeks because I was so profoundly touched there.

When I allow myself to dream big, I dream of one day finding a haven that will allow me the time and resources to create as a writer, an artist of sorts.  I’d love to take a couple of years and just write, dream, and sustain myself on the words of my heart, my mind, and my soul.  Writing brings me more joy than nearly anything.  And yet, I also want to do some of my soul work in Jewish Education and working with survivors of childhood trauma.  My world is crazy busy with the desire to do tikkun olam, repair the world through my writing and work.

My mind is like the photo above.  On this little road in Jemez Spring, New Mexico there is a sign that says “Congested Area”.  At first glance there is literally nothing happening on this road.  At two different points, I stood there for nearly 10 minutes and saw one car each time.  And yet, I wonder what is going on just beneath the surface with the land, the animals, the people, or the atmosphere.  Just because I can’t see what is going on doesn’t mean that nothing is happening.

When I opened up the above photo a couple of days ago, the wisdom of that photo became instantly clear.  That photo is a metaphor for my life.  If you look at me at any given moment, you might see my warmth or my smile, but you probably won’t have any clue what is really filling my mind.  My world is so full; my mind is always focused on so many thoughts, feelings, experiences.  My mind rarely stops unless I am chanting and meditating; and at those times my mind is gently rolling the waves of thought. I think about my children, my work, passions, my writing, conscious consumerism, music, the environment, my dogs, my past, my daily to do list, my dreams. . . .so much fills my mind and my heart.

Visiting Jemez Springs allowed me to see a truth about the beauty that surrounded me and the beauty inside my own soul; it provided understanding.  Allow others to see what they see without needing to always share; silence is a gift as is sharing when the opportunity arises.  In return, honor that which is without expecting to know everything going on at every given moment.

Congested areas are really quite a treasure.


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