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My Cup is (literally) overflowing. – כוסי רוויה, comes from Psalm 23:5.  today (December 24th) has been an amazing day in every way.


In nearly each and every moment, I felt at peace even within the moments that were less than peaceful.  From experience, I know that life and health are not a given.  There are real struggles taking place around me and within me, but today, I was able to transcend all of them.

Nearly everything I did or wanted to do today worked.

This morning, I slept until nearly 9 AM. Ok, I did wake up for an hour or so earlier in the morning and blogged, but I was able to go back to sleep.  And you know what? Sleep was really sweet.

And then I woke up and took a really long walk with Maddie, my precious dog. With each step I chanted for both myself and for my friend who was having major heart surgery.  In fact the chant, I chanted for myself was the chant he told me to chant last week when I was facing some very dark demons and fear.  I also chanted beautiful chants for his precious heart to be healed and his body to be at peace.

Coming home, I realized I needed dog food.  Well Maddie is incredibly spoiled; she eats an overpriced specialized dog food that can only be purchased at one location.  The good news is that I was able to purchase the very last package of dog food that the store had! Wow did I feel fortunate.  Now let’s hope that next month the dog food can still be purchased; I’ve never seen a pet store run out of food.

Then I came home, picked up Aryeh so that we could walk around Sabino Canyon.  The views were awesome even though Aryeh still claims he hats the fuckin’ desert; I think he’s lying, but we still had a great time.  The view was beautiful, we found paths that were secluded, and we had some good mother and son time.

Returning home after being gone for a few hours, I was able to take Maddie for another long walk.  With each step I found myself feeling joy for the first time in weeks.  Towards the end of the walk, I decided to take some cookies over to the Firehouse around the corner from my house.  So I did just that.  It felt great to do something simple and kind; for some reason I have always felt shy about doing those sort of acts of kindness.  Today I did it.  On the way home, I decided to run for a few minutes.  With each step I felt like a gazelle; perhaps I can start to run distance again. . .I am hoping. Running with Maddie makes each step pure joy!

About two houses from coming home, Maddie met a new friend.  A humanoid named Eva fell in love with Maddie and because they were connecting I met a new friend too.  I love how good dogs open up doors for people like me!!! In the end, I spoke to this woman from Finland for about 15 – 20 minutes while Maddie soaked up the love!

The day continued when I was able to get a hold of a book that I wanted.  I met my friend at the Chinese Food restaurant that he was hanging out at with his cousins.  You probably realize by now that he must be Jewish.  Well, I can’t wait to read a book about a cave he founded a few decades ago.  One of life’s biggest highlights for me is having friends that are explorers, creators, dreamers, and visionaries.  Sometimes, I can’t imagine what they are doing with me; but I will be grateful for the creativity they share with others and they bring out in me!

Coming home for the final time of the day, I found out that my friend made it through surgery (which was never a doubt) and that the surgery was a success; wow!!! Now remember that I never take health for granted.  While I wasn’t worried, I was concerned and when the surgery seemed to take longer than expected, I was getting anxious.

At some point during the evening, I realized that I had exactly 12,500 views to my blog.  I love writing, really love writing.  I didn’t even realize that I was getting close to that number.  Another WOW for today.  I am still not sure why people follow my writing, but I am blessed.  If I understand it correctly, I have about 85 followers to my blog.  To be fair, not everyone that follows read my blog nor is the number necessarily counted in the viewing numbers.  But I love knowing that people are reading my writing, my rambling.

With each step and each breath, I have felt surrounded by a cocoon of blessings today.

As I was winding down my writing and getting ready to go to sleep for the night, my sons are engaged in deep conversations, but they keep checking in with me to see if I need or want anything.  How lucky is that!!! My guys are great and they like one another too!

So much more could be shared . . . lots of internal thoughts and processing, but the bottom-line, I found light at every crevice.  Even the tough interactions were ok.  We all get to decide how we walk through our journeys and today I chose to be real, to be honest, and to be me!

To wrap up the evening, the Tucson skies were exquisite tonight.

December 24

Today wasn’t perfect, but it was overflowing.  My Cup is (literally) overflowing. – כוסי רוויה, it usually is!  I just have to remember to embrace each day with a smile, a positive attitude, and the belief that all will be good.  Try it and see what your day looks like.

With blessings and light, Chava

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