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“Connect us like the oceans;

Returning to the source,

You are the vast life-giver,

Purify us all. . .”

Written, composed and performed by Danya and Eyal Rivlin


The beauty of nature has always encouraged me to connect with the world that surrounds me.  My heart soars when I walk through a desert or in the mountains; my eyes tear when I see a tall redwood standing above me; my breathing becomes rapid when I hear the sounds of children laughing.  I love the world around me; I love life.  Oceans and lakes carry my soul and lead me to believe that each of us are part of the larger world.

Sometimes when I lack the time or energy to actively engage in nature, I wonder if I am merely a useless molecule in the larger world.  Of course, every atom makes a difference; I know that.  In so many ways, I know that I have a vast role in healing the larger world.  Still down deep I struggle to see myself as one who can make a difference.  I am so profoundly aware that my soul is crying to make do something for good.  My heart yearns to be a source of healing in the larger world. Even with my doubts, I must always continue to live my values which will ultimately contribute to creating a more healthy world for others.

Where did my drive come from?  I have no clue.  In truth, there are so many amazing people that I have noticed in the last 10 – 15 years.  I am exceedingly happy to follow in their footsteps, but also find myself wondering if I will ever be able to focus on any one or two causes.  And then I reflect further to realize there isn’t simply one cause that touches my soul.

In June 2010, the Gulf disaster inspired Danya and Eyal Rivlin to write and compose this above chant.  While the chant was actually written specifically for the Gulf Coast, I have actually found myself chanting the words again and again as a reminder that I am part of a vast life force that surrounds me.    I feel such gratitude to the chant that the Rivlins created; it quite honestly touches me at my core.  The words remind me that it is my soul’s work to remain connected to the larger world and also to remember that I am part of more than my little corner of the world.

This past week, as many of us noted the lunar eclipse.  People woke up or wanted to wake up in the middle of the night to experience a moment or a few hours of the very rare lunar eclipse.  My hope is that each of us can find ourselves touched by not only the once in a lifetime experiences, but the beauty of every day life.

Being present and conscious in much of what we do is the single most important way to make a difference in the larger world.  Most activists can’t only focus on one cause; I am no different.  Perhaps I need to focus strongly on one or two causes, but not forget the larger world that surrounds me.  There is so much work to be done.

With tears in my eyes, I feel enormously thankful to the world that surrounds me.  I love those people that have motivated others through engaging in their passions to make the world a better place.  I pray that I am a worthy of following those activists and teachers through my own actions and writings.  Each and every one of us can make a difference.

Hineini, here I am.

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