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Note: I will be Counting the Omer for a total of 49 days, from Passover to Shavuot or from Slavery to Freedom.  For many, this is simply the Counting the Omer; for others, it is a tool for exploring the kabbalistic teachings in an organized way.  For me, it is a time to actively reflect on my Journey Towards Wholeness.  The more I am whole, the more free I will become.  [http://t.co/dBPYjDxSGj . . . .]

Western Minnesota Photo Courtesy of Randall Miller

Photo Courtesy of Randall Miller           Location: Western Minnesota

The only journey is the one within.
Quote by Rainer Maria Rilke

For the last several years, I have been seriously impacted by the writings of Rainer Maria Rilke.  His words touch me deeply and inspire me to reflect inwardly while trusting the insight that will come over time. Rilke’s wisdom seems to be telling me how to walk in the world.  To be fair, most of what I have read has been in his book, Letters to a Young Poet, which can often be found next to me or in my computer case when I travel.  (Note to myself: This year I will take time to read more of his works and perhaps his biography too.)

Within me a storm is constantly blowing. As someone who never stops thinking and feeling the rhythm of the world that surrounds me, I often think or wrestle with what is happening around me.  And as I grapple, I sometimes have trouble silencing my mind so that I may be able to relax or shut down.

In this moment alone, I am thinking about the 150 murdered Kenyan students and their loved ones, the fatal shooting of another African-American teenager, Justus Howell, by a Illinois Police officer on Saturday, how the water crisis in California will affect so many people, the bi-partisan reaction to Iran deal, and how to make chickpeas without leaving too much of a carbon footprint.  And then there is my work, my future work, and my sons to consider.  And finally, I am pondering about my writing – What shape do I want my upcoming blogs to take? Should I take the time to work on my book this week? The bottom-line is that these thoughts have been racing through my brain over the last several hours or maybe the last 10 minutes.

If I am totally transparent, I am also struggling with Facebook conversations. How I personally relate to people who see Israeli politics so much differently than I do? What do I do with the “friend” that referred to those that like Obama as morons. (I did delete his message and wrote him a gentle note back.) How can I make the last days of Passover meaningful? And finally, hoping to remember to send cards to the couple of friends who lost love ones over the last week.

What I am thinking about doesn’t end there. I am also deliberating on how to best make a positive difference for the slaves within the chocolate industry. (That came up during our 2nd night Seder) And I am also wondering whether J Street would be interested in letting me create a cabinet or focus community of educators. And then there is a personal issue tugging at my heart. Sigh.

The beautiful reality of the storms that happen within my head and my heart is that I am consciously intertwined with the world. I find joy in walking outside, spending time with loved ones and friends, and chanting or drumming by myself. With every ounce of my being, I am alive and thriving in the world I live. 🙂

May each of us find peace within the storms of life and within all that fills our minds.

With love, light, and blessings,

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My mind, quite literally, never stops.  Yet I often have the ability to push forward in a state of inner peace and contentment.  I notice everything, I feel deeply, and I live passionately.  Still even as I grapple with the background called life, I am motivated by a higher challenge: Living in the present moment and absorbing the beauty of what is or what could be.

Living an intense  existence doesn’t negate the value of finding the gift in the challenges and seeking inner peace and contentment through life’s storms.  Yes I feel deeply, but I also strive to find the light and reflect it back into the world.  It’s what I do.

A day or two ago, I saw a couple of amazing and thoughtful posts on Facebook.  Both reinforced how I try to walk through the world.

With each step, I walk through the world with an inner warmth and a gentle step.  I believe in goodness even though the first sights I experienced were that of darkness and pain.  I love life, truly love life.

The funny thing about the two posts I saw were that they came during some incredibly dark days when I was navigating the deepest of pain.  Even with that, I felt empowered by the timing of each post.  I was struggling, but I wasn’t crumbling;  I was actively facing intense pain and challenges. I wasn’t giving up; I never have.

The first posting was shared by a very deep friend who told me that this post reminded her of me.


Regardless of the darkness I am navigating, I am am fairly good at following the above list.

  • I always look to find the gifts within the challenges.
  • I love people so I show it.
  • I struggle with trying to let go of what I can’t control, but I try. . . I really try.
  • My heart guides how I walk through the world.
  • I consciously keep moving forward regardless of what I am navigating.
  • Breathe is written on a plaque I made for my 40th birthday and it is one of my mottos for living a healthy life; I value it now as much as I did when I created the plaque.


Life is a blessing with many challenges.  If I ever give up for too long, it means that something must really be wrong and I might be in need of spiritual help.

The other fantastic posting I saw on Facebook listed 12 Things Happy People do differently:


Without discussing each of the 12 points, I found it fascinating that in some way I negotiate at least 10 or maybe even 11 of the above list. Yay!!! At the same time, I can always do better.  Seriously.  I am a work in progress; I am always striving to become a stronger and a more positive human being.

The bottom-line is that life is a journey and each of us needs to decide how to walk though the journey.  Positive energy and thoughts propel us to a better place than does the looming fear and sadness.  I have learned to seek silence when I am taking difficult journeys; if I keep fueling the darkness with empty words, I will crumble and fall.

Behind the smile there is a deep intensity that moves my soul.  I am consciously maneuvering the world around me and trying to navigate the long roads ahead.

Gotta keep on moving forward. . . .

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