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Are you taking care of your soul?  If not, how can you expect to be happy?


Look at yourself – Are you doing things that can be considered fuel for your soul?  I know that I am not doing as well as I need to, but I am trying.  I am actively engaged in the journey of Seeking My Own Path to Simchah (Happiness).

Commandment 4: Living more consciously

Taking a moment to observe the world around you can open your eyes to exquisite beauty.

In a sense, this entire journey is about living more consciously.  Specifically though, I am aware that I have to embrace my intensity and become more accepting of my nature. I love that I am aware of my surroundings.  I love noticing people, caring about nearly every aspect of the world I travel and the world that surrounds me.  Many people would say that I over- think things.  While that is OK, I do find myself challenged when people note this reality in a teasing way.  And yes, I would benefit from allowing myself to let the comments ride a little.   The bottom-line is that I actively consider life, engage in life, and that leads me to loving  the life I live.

Living more consciously is also about not only noticing your surroundings, but also taking stock of your needs.  What is it that you really want/need at any moment.  At this moment, I know that I need more sleep/rest than I have recently had; I need to drink more water; and I need more alone time so that I can take time to be more present for myself.  If I were living more consciously, I would be listening to my needs better.  Instead I am just noting them.  As I type these words I realize that in a moment I will save what I am working on and then take a long drink of water.  After that I will turn off the computer and go pack to sleep for an hour.  If I don’t make sure my basics needs are met, how will I be the best me that I can be?

In order to find happiness I need to take care of my soul.  While this blog series will take approximately three weeks to write, it will take me months to implement.  If I am going to succeed in this journey in a healthy way, I need to take change a little slowly.  Healthy and sustainable change can’t happen overnight.


Note: While seeking my own path to simchah (happiness), I am touched by the many responses.  In grappling with my journey, I love hearing that I am actively making other people think.  Thanks for letting me know.

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