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Little Miss Molly decided to stop by for a visit tonight. The last time she came over was one morning last week when Aryeh let Maddie out for a quick pee and in came Molly while Maddie was still doing her business. What I love about this dog is that she doesn’t look at the time, she just decides it’s time to say hello to the neighbors.  Wouldn’t it be great if more of us felt comfortable enough in our skin to disregard ceremony and just knock or bark at our neighbors’ door.

At about 9:30 PM or so, Aryeh yelled to me that we had a visitor.  While I wasn’t feeling particularly social, I decided it would be rude for me to ignore whoever felt compelled to drop by.  Much to my surprise, our visitor put a huge smile on my face and more importantly brought joy to our Maddie.

So much for my grumps, they disappeared as soon as Molly made herself at home.

Sometimes it takes a visit from a special friend to help someone lose their bad mood.  At least it worked for tonight. 🙂

Molly on sofa

Little Miss Molly makes herself at home on the sofa while looking down at Maddie.

Molly on foot rest

Little Miss Molly is the queen of our house for the moment. Adorable! Don’t you think!?!

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