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Flirting with Life

Nearly ten years ago, I was at a conference in Montreal. I was having a blast as I always do during these gatherings! I was meeting people, connecting with old friends, and loving the environment that surrounded me.  For someone that has an introverted tendency, I was finding joy in the spiritual energy and in being in a new city too.

During day three or four of the week-long conference, a good friend came up to me and asked me if I realized that I was being hit on by everyone.  Men were hitting on me; women were hitting on me; and supposedly everyone was trying to figure out if I was straight or a lesbian.  The funniest part of the inquiry is that I was beyond perplexed that this was even up for question.  Why would anyone notice me or gravitate towards being close to me?

Years later, I have a better understanding of what transpired ten years ago.

I love life and I love doing the dance of life!!!  I flirt with all of life-forces including puppies of all ages, children of all ages, little old men and women, and all human beings regardless of gender, race, and religion.  People are amazing and I love being part of the entire animal kingdom (except for perhaps the snakes).

The morale of the story is that I will always flirt with life and those that are a part of it.  Different souls like my energy because I like to meet all creatures where they are!  We all respond to what feels good.

L’Chayyim (To Life)

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