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Tonight we counted Day 47 of the Omer, which is 6 weeks and five days of the counting. Day 47 is referred to as Hod sheh b’Malkhut,  Expansiveness within our kingdom.  A beautiful kingdom is one that is blessed with Shekhinah’s presence.  Only when God or godliness dwells where people are, is it possible for a malkhut or ’kingdom’ to exist.

Imagine opening your front door and peering out into your neighborhood, your community, your city.  And then imagine being to metaphorically open many doors as you walk into the larger world.


Each time we open a door or peer out a doorway, the world is wide open to us.  Knowing that gives us infinite possibilities to make a difference from where we stand.  All steps are important.  Baby steps count and when you are able to take bigger steps, they count too.


Doing tikun olam (repairing the world) and living consciously should be a given in life, may each of us find a way to embrace the expansiveness of our world, our kingdom, to make a difference for good!

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Tonight we counted Day 33 of the Omer, which is 4 weeks and five days of the counting. Day 33 is referred to as Hod sheh b’Hod, Expansiveness within Expansiveness.

Photo courtesy of  Shai Gluskin

Expansiveness in all of her Glory:                                        Photo courtesy of Shai Gluskin

Hod can be explained with a multitude of words including expansiveness, prophesy, glory, empathy, thankfulness, and being fully present.  Each word leads to a deeper and more full understanding of Hod.  To fully absorb  Hod,  one must be fully aware of the realities with an openness to the truth of what one is seeing or experiencing.

Hod sheh b’Hod

All my life, I have been intensely aware of the world around me.  The intensity permeates every cell of my body.  With that awareness comes a spirit that tends to walk gently while being a human barometer of sorts.  Over the years I have learned to remain present without experiencing the deep emotions that others feel.  Self preservation is a necessity when you walk in the world as I do.  At the same time, I value so much of what is.

Hod squared

Being open in this way means that you not only trust what you know, but you are also open to the fact that there are always moving parts.  What you know one moment might evolve the next minute.  When we are fully present, we are also aware that nothing is truly permanent; everything changes with each passing moment.

May we be present to the vastness that surrounds us as we navigate the world with all her moving parts.

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Last night we counted Day 29 of the Omer, which is 4 weeks and one day of the counting. Today is referred to as Chesed sheh b’Hod, Loving-kindness within Expansiveness.

Hod or Expaniveness Becoming at One with the Expansiveness that surrounds us.  Courtesy of Jennifer Judelsohn, artist, social workier, and friend

Hod or Expaniveness
Becoming at One with the Expansiveness that surrounds us.
Courtesy of Jennifer Judelsohn            artist, social worker, friend

There is an amazing world that exists outside of what we know and understand; we are part of a larger universe, an expansiveness.  Each night as I look into the Tucson skies, I am dazzled by the pure beauty that surrounds me and by the responsibility I feel for what I see and how connected to all that is I am.  Chesed. Walking gently, making healthy life choices, connecting with the world around me are all responsibilities that come to me as I face the expansiveness of all that is.

May each of us find a way to become at one with the expansiveness that surrounds us.



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