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Sitting here at Café Passé, thinking, dreaming, writing . . .


Seems to be what I do these days.

I think about the role I play in society.

I think about where I am going.

I think about how I am going to get there.

And when all is done, I think some more.

I think about what is going on around me.

I think about the tears I feel in my soul and the tears that others feel.

And when that is done, I sit and I think about the world around me and I think about how I will one day make a difference.  Will there ever come a time in my life when I truly touch the lives of others?

Today, as I ordered my Hot Chai, I found myself laughing inside.  I can’t just order a drink without thinking/considering.

  • Is it organic?
  • Is it fair-trade?
  • Did I remember to say that I was drinking here? I don’t want to create trash.

I wonder if I have the guts to borrow a TV and create a Fair-Trade Chocolate evening.  Has my time come now to follow my derekh, my prana, my path?  There are three different ways to say the same thought, yet each expression means virtually the same thing.  Has the time come for me to use my voice?  Can I be articulate?

So many thoughts are racing through my head as I sip the Hot Chai Drink and not the Hot Chocolate I really want.


Dreams don’t really come true, do they?  I am just not certain.

Basically, I have to ‘pray as if only Gd exists and act as if I am the the one that can make a difference.”

So many prayers, hopes, and dreams are on my subconscious;

I keep reaching for the stars only to struggle with  where my dreams land.

I dream of a safe world where no one I love hurts.

I dream of holy place that brings health and joy to all that enter.

I dream of a world full of both inner peace and peace for all.

I dream of growing a strong foundation filled with the inner strength to navigate this world.

I dream of filling my container with light and spreading that light into the world around me.

So many dreams, so many hopes . . .so many hopes, so many dreams.


With my words, I weave my thoughts and my dreams into reality.

With my words I grasp for the wisdom to navigate the world around me and I grapple within my journey and the journey of the universe I live.

I explore; I create; I build the life I want.

With my words and the words of others, anything becomes a possibility.

All I truly have is the words of my soul; the words that make me who I am in this moment.

Only through my writing am I true to myself and to the possibilities of my soul.


With each breath, I visualize a warm light radiating through my entire being.

With each exhalation, I visualize that same light transferring into the world around me.
May I find the balance to do the holy work that I was brought in this world to do.  May we all find the balance to do the holy work that we were brought in this world to do.


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