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Tornado Sunrise 17January2016

Sunrise with hint of looming tornado Photo Courtesy of Iris Koller

Each day I awake
to the rhythm of my heartbeat.
to the intensity of my soul.
to my breath.

Each day I
feel the holiness of the world.
thank G!D for the beauty that surrounds me.
pray for the strength to move through the storms of life.

Each day I
believe in human kindness.
trust in my beloved village.
hope that life’s nightmares will go away.

Each day I
watch the waves of life crash against the waters’ edge.
sensing that that there is more I can do to make the world a better place.
and yes, doubting that I have what it takes.

And yet
giving up is not an option.
managing the turbulence that often guides me is my work.
striving to NEVER GIVE UP.

Hineni, Here I am. . .
navigating passion that resonates deeply.
dreaming that calm settles the turbulent rush of the water.
believing that the rippling of pebbles makes the world a holier and more beautiful place.

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“May Shekinah’s radiant and abiding love and brachas
shine upon your faces, children, women and men of Paris
May the Compassionate one grant wisdom, compassionate action
and wise guidance for the ones that implement the laws and just action.
You are loved by unending love, and know you are not
alone. We stand, sit, sing with you in prayer, sisterhood
and brotherhood, deep love and life.”
Words of love by Lori Wynters

small chai






There is no option
Moving forward
Reaching for the stars
Creating light

We have our hands, we have our hearts. If we want to find peace, we have to create it. And for those who are despondent, may I be a person who creates the light to lead the way until they can do it for themselves.

May my prayers reach God and my heart reach humankind.
May actions and love speak louder than words.
May I make a difference in all the right ways.

You and I, we both have a village that we cherish; we live in a world that is yearning for peace. My prayer, my hope, my belief is that together our villages can stop hatred from spreading and inspire love of humankind to spread.

ופרש עלינו סכת שלומך
Ufros Aleynu Sukkat Shlomecha
Spread over us a shelter of your peace

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Listen to the Silence

When I was around five years old, my father used to gently place his hands over my ears and lovingly squeeze my ears/head. As he did that, he would say, ‘listen to the silence’. As he did a flood of warmth and a feeling of calmness washed over me. This loving act continued into my teen years and beyond; I think he found a way to slip it into each meeting even after I moved away from home.

After I had sons, my father continued this tradition by gently holding his grandsons head the same way – sometimes to calm them and sometimes just to make them calm.  Once I saw my father do it to his grandsons, I followed the lead and also held Aryeh and Dovi the same way.  Each and every time I did, my children’s faces would light up with a smile that could melt whoever was looking at them.

Over the last few days, I have found myself craving that sensation, not only the physical touch, but the silence that followed it.  There is so much noise occurring within me, around me, and everywhere in the world.  At the moment, there seems to be a shortage of quiet.

My mind has never been one for shutting down. For some reason, I am always thinking. Whether it is about myself, my family, the world, Israel, human rights, human trafficking, my loved one’s challenges, or  the never-ending list of possibilities.  My thoughts are part of who I am and yet, I know I need to find a way to stop and listen to the silence.

Many years ago, I read the space between the notes is as important as the notes themselves.  The same can be said for the space between the words.  The time has come for me to allow for a little more space in my life.  My body and my mind is craving silence, down time, and time to myself.

What does silence look like for me? I think it means taking time for me to go inward.  Listening to my physical and emotional needs and then doing things which nurture and nourish those needs. With that in mind, I am actively going to be making time for me to write more, work on some art/craft projects, chant, and drum.

I got this!

Lately, I have noticed that I am engaging less on social media and choosing to ‘pick my battles’ when I do. I am doing my best to live consciously and to consider the myriad of challenges that face the world, but I am not hyper focusing – I am  remaining aware and allowing for the quiet to go where it needs to go.  While I want to be ‘the change I wish to see in the world’, I am taking Gandhi’s wisdom down a notch so that I can go a little more insular for now.  My guess is that something huge will emerge when the time is right.  I can’t wait to see what that will be – only time will tell.

What I do know is that I need to take time to listen to the silence.  I need to go inward and explore my heart, my mind, and my soul. I need to allow my rhythm to take me where I need to go.

My father may not be here to hold me or to squeeze my ears, but what he gave me all those years ago was the awareness, that sometimes the sweetest silence comes from being held close. . .the only difference is that I need to do it all by myself.












Today, I know that I need to hold myself and trust that when I do, I will be loving myself and keeping me safe.  My father, of blessed memory, gave me the most important gift in the world; he taught me how to listen to the silence.

With love, light, and blessings,

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Sitting here at Café Passé, thinking, dreaming, writing . . .


Seems to be what I do these days.

I think about the role I play in society.

I think about where I am going.

I think about how I am going to get there.

And when all is done, I think some more.

I think about what is going on around me.

I think about the tears I feel in my soul and the tears that others feel.

And when that is done, I sit and I think about the world around me and I think about how I will one day make a difference.  Will there ever come a time in my life when I truly touch the lives of others?

Today, as I ordered my Hot Chai, I found myself laughing inside.  I can’t just order a drink without thinking/considering.

  • Is it organic?
  • Is it fair-trade?
  • Did I remember to say that I was drinking here? I don’t want to create trash.

I wonder if I have the guts to borrow a TV and create a Fair-Trade Chocolate evening.  Has my time come now to follow my derekh, my prana, my path?  There are three different ways to say the same thought, yet each expression means virtually the same thing.  Has the time come for me to use my voice?  Can I be articulate?

So many thoughts are racing through my head as I sip the Hot Chai Drink and not the Hot Chocolate I really want.


Dreams don’t really come true, do they?  I am just not certain.

Basically, I have to ‘pray as if only Gd exists and act as if I am the the one that can make a difference.”

So many prayers, hopes, and dreams are on my subconscious;

I keep reaching for the stars only to struggle with  where my dreams land.

I dream of a safe world where no one I love hurts.

I dream of holy place that brings health and joy to all that enter.

I dream of a world full of both inner peace and peace for all.

I dream of growing a strong foundation filled with the inner strength to navigate this world.

I dream of filling my container with light and spreading that light into the world around me.

So many dreams, so many hopes . . .so many hopes, so many dreams.


With my words, I weave my thoughts and my dreams into reality.

With my words I grasp for the wisdom to navigate the world around me and I grapple within my journey and the journey of the universe I live.

I explore; I create; I build the life I want.

With my words and the words of others, anything becomes a possibility.

All I truly have is the words of my soul; the words that make me who I am in this moment.

Only through my writing am I true to myself and to the possibilities of my soul.


With each breath, I visualize a warm light radiating through my entire being.

With each exhalation, I visualize that same light transferring into the world around me.
May I find the balance to do the holy work that I was brought in this world to do.  May we all find the balance to do the holy work that we were brought in this world to do.

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