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Day 2b - Chava SelfieLooking at myself has not always been easy.

The double chin, the excess weight, the sheer ugliness that I used to see when looking at myself was horrible.  Until this past week, I didn’t actually understand why this was so, but I think I do now. (I will share more about that in the coming days.)

Today, I want to celebrate the beauty that I am:


be softer with you.
you are a breathing thing.
a memory to someone.
a home to a life.
ayyirah Waheed’s Precious Words

While I do have some excess weight, that isn’t the fullness of who I am. I am blessed to be exactly who I am. I now see the beauty in the mirror and the inner beauty within my soul.
May we all see ourselves and treasure the people we are.
Sending love, light, and blessings. . . . .
Day 2 - Chava Selfie

Day 2 Selfie: 4 February 2018


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