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Counting the Omer is about reflecting how I hold myself as I move towards freedom.  Each and every day I am actively working on making myself a better and more kind human-being.  I am also trying to manage some of the shadows that sometimes surround me by engaging more with the light.

Washington DC skies following a storm.

Managing the shadows; engaging in the light

As we wrap up the week of chesed, loving-kindness, I am hoping that I have taken a few moments to become less self-absorbed and more present for my children and for those I love.  So many times over the past week, I have wanted to remain in a quiet place, but with our Passover Seders and with my need to be more present for others, that wasn’t a choice I could make.  Sometimes I had to find the silence within myself, but remain present with the tasks at hand.  For the most part, I was able to do what I needed to do and I was lucky to have some close friends surround me when I needed that too.

Our Jewish day begins in the evening; today is Day 7 of the Counting of the Omer.  Today we focus on malchut she b’chesed, finding the divine-power within loving-kindness.  From my years in a Reconstructionist world, I grew to find comfort in the thought that God is within us.  With that in mind, I can utilize the many teachings of how to walk in a Godly way and in the end I wind up with chesed, loving-kindness as a core practice within my life.  Personally, I rarely think of God as melech, king, instead I think of God as a spirit that flows around me and through me.  With that belief I have the responsibility to walk gently within the world and to honor which exists by actively engaging in chesed as much as humanly possible.

Ken y’hi ratzon, may it be so!



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