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Tonight we counted Day 23  of the Omer, which is 3 weeks and two days of the counting of the Omer. Today is referred to as Gevorah sheh b’Netzach or discipline or strength within endurance.

Having the discipline or the strength to maneuver where you want to go with all of the different moving parts of your life takes endurance.  


Over the years, I have learned that when I want to become the best I can be in the different areas of my life, I need to be focused on creating a daily practice as a means of better developing the skills and connection I need.  With the practice comes a true connection to accomplishing whatever it is I set out to do.  I have also learned that it often takes courage to withstand the challenges that come with any daily practice; nothing happens without a lot of fortitude or character to do the work.  And all becomes possible as long as I am consciously doing the work.

I am getting ready for a new health journey.  For the first time in my life, I am a little anxious about what the journey will look like.  Will I have the strength and the courage to push myself in the healthiest of directions.  A few years ago, I lost 65 lbs; I have kept most of that off, but now it is time to finish what I started out to do.  Being healthy is not an option; my life matters too much!! 

While I am not certain exactly what path I am taking, I realize that this journey has to be fun, rewarding, and make sense within the confines of my current life.   Once I figure out what I want to do to make this journey work for me, I will move forward with more ease.  

Gevorah sheh b’Netzach – Hoping I have strength within the endurance to do what I need to do and to do it  right.

With each and every personal goal, may we all persevere with an open heart and gentle spirit.  


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Last night, we counted Day 10 of the counting of the Omer;  Tiferet she-b’Gevurah which to me means beauty or compassion within powerful life you have chosen to live.



Most of us get to choose how we walk in the world; our character is guided by the inner and outer strength we exhibit both internally and externally.  One friend and colleague, Rabbi Laura Duhan, thinks of this as gevurah as discipline.   Having discipline makes our lives much more powerful.  If we navigate our lives consciously, the discipline we experience can be quite healthy especially when our interactions with the world encompass compassion for not only ourselves, but  others too. Enormous beauty comes from finding balance between your own personal discipline and h0w the practice  of compassion guides each step.

Finding balance between living with a strong personal discipline and walking with compassion is truly beautiful.


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