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Beto O’Rourke, the 2018 Democratic Candidate for U.S. Senate in Texas, will get my time, my money, and my vote.

For the first time since Paul Wellstone (z’l) started his career in Minnesota, I am totally turned onto the possibilities of what a politician can actually accomplish for his home state and perhaps for our country.

In truth, I have never lived like I wasn’t interested, but I didn’t always believe in one person making a difference. Tonight, after listening to Beto in person, I have hope. . .real hope. Truth be told, watching Beto over the last several months has inspired me! He is such a powerhouse!!!!! I love how he is meeting with every possible person regardless of economics, race, party affiliation, religion, address, gender identification, citizenship, education, etc. He is meeting Texans and trying to not only hear their concerns, but absorb them so that he can improve the lives of all Texans.

You see, I have tried to connect with Senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn to no avail. They are completely ill-equipped to meet with their constituents, especially those that disagree with them or those that have little money. Instead they hide and deny those they represent a voice. Congressman John Culberson also lacks the ability to hear or speak for many of his constituents.

Chava and Beto March 2018With that in mind, I have work to do and I can’t hide behind my busy schedule, my work, my budding nonprofit, my writing, or even my family. Even tonight, I was not feeling too much like hearing Beto or anyone else for that matter. In fact, I really wanted to hide underneath a rock or curl in a ball. I haven’t been feeling too energetic or even remotely positive in the last couple of weeks. Still I showed up exactly as I was and I left invigorated and ready to get to work for my candidate, my now home state, and my country.

What I like most about Beto and what I have been really learning since the election of our current POTUS (who I hope is history real soon) is that listening to those I feel are the most limited is EXACTLY what I need to do. My work and the work of every activist who wants to make a difference is to listen and try to understand where others may be coming from. Only then will we get things done or know what we are up against.

Here is the deal, I am not sure that I agree with everything that this man stands for. In fact, I probably don’t. BUT I do agree with everything I heard tonight. He understands the issues; he knows how to address them. And while I didn’t want to join in this town hall style meeting, I know that I made the right decision.

Now let’s all get to work and get Beto O’Rourke elected to the U.S Senate 2018.

With love, light, hope, and blessings,

PS: Coming soon, I will share some of the issues that I find most troublesome and fascinating; I will also share some of the questions I hope that Beto will answer as soon as he can – he promised he would.

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(published early before Shabbat)

Politically, I see myself as fairly un-savvy and inarticulate.  For the most part I know the issues: I know what I believe fundamentally.  I read many different issues daily and struggle to find truth in the space between the words, in what isn’t being said.  I also cry when I see destruction of any kind; I fear pain for others and myself.  And while I might feel uncomfortable sharing my thoughts or even considering my own thoughts, I do have opinions about most everything.

At the end of the day, I fear the future for so much of humankind.  I wish I felt like I could really make a difference; I wish I believed in my ability to use my  voice for good, to make the world a better place, but I wonder if I have what it takes.  Yet there really is no option for me to sit back and do nothing or to be uninformed.  Only knowledge can lead to using my voice to do my part, making a difference, and ultimately creating a better world with those that believe in actively engaging in the holy work.

There are many labels that I use to describe myself and some that others use to describe me.  I care about the environment and believe that Global Warming (or whatever it is called today) is worthy of fear; that makes me an environmentalist.  I love Israel, but despise her government; that makes me anti-Zionist (nope).  I believe in a women’s right to take care of herself and her body; that must mean I don’t believe in a child’s right to thrive.  the Republican party terrifies me with their view of the world around them; guess I am a Democrat.  The world around me matters; human-rights  is our responsibility.  If we walk in the world, we have a responsibility to engage the process of creating a world that will be healthy not only for ourselves, but for future generations. Do these views make me liberal, krunchy granola, progressive, or another name?  Hopefully these views make me thoughtful.

The bottom-line is I am trying to “be the change I want to see in the world” (Gandhi); I am trying to live consciously and know the issues.  These days I am wondering how I can do my part to create a better world.  How do I listen more fully to the views of others so that I can learn and shape thoughts that are uniquely my own?  Can I accept the opinion of someone who wears a striped tie over that of someone who would wear a Jerry Garcia tie? How can I use my knowledge to make a difference and how can I do it here in Tucson?

There is so much to do? There are so many issues to consider, to tackle? Yet I must find my voice and take the words of an early blog (https://lightwavejourney.wordpress.com/2012/09/04/elul-reflection-day-17-inch-by-inch/) to heart, “Only through movement will I move forward, will I learn I new skill, will I gain insight. Only through movement will I succeed in my endeavors.” Inch by inch (folk song), Bird by Bird (Anne Lamott). . . . .

Politically articulate I might never be, but my opinions matter.  Your opinions matter.  Now what are we going to do about it?

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