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Tonight we counted Day 36 of the Omer, which is 5 weeks and one day of the counting. Day 36 is referred to as Chesed sheh b’Yesod, Loving-kindness within Foundation.  

Life can be really hard.  Yet regardless of what is going on internally or externally within our lives, we need to consciously create a yesod/foundation for ourselves that rises above “our stuff”, good or bad, and acts within a place of chesed/loving-kindness.

Years ago, I changed my last name to Gal-Or which means wave of light.  Naming myself meant that I could choose a name that honored who I was and who I wanted to be.  Empowering. By selecting the name Gal-Or, I was reminding myself to be a light to others and to find light within each person and every scenario that life showed me.  This isn’t always easy; sometimes life is too hard, but I do believe light can be found after the darkness lifts.

To me being a light to others means making certain that I live within chesed sheh b’yesod, loving-kindness within Foundation.  Spreading our light, our warmth, our smiles can always make a difference for good.  My hope is that I spread light more than not as I walk in the world.

Photo courtesy of Eliezar Kaplan

Photo courtesy of Eliezar Kaplan

May each of us share our light and touch people in positive ways as we live our lives.

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