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“. . . do small things with great love.”
Quote by Mother Teresa

As I approach some profound changes in my life, I am navigating the most intense vulnerability that I have ever experienced.  If left to my own devices, I would be crying non-stop with each bridge that I am crossing.  The tears wouldn’t all be sad nor would they all be happy; they would fluctuate from moment to moment.  Transparent transition is the gift I am choosing to live by. (Note: I almost feel like I am embodying Anne Lamott’s spirit with each and every blog entry. :))

Over the last year, I have felt sucker-punched and loved at nearly equal proportions.  The good news is that today I am feeling more love and support than I am feeling the harshness of being sucker-punched.  The journey that I am taking has been both challenging and intense.  I have had to face what it means to lose a job and left without the financial ability to take care of my sons; I have also experienced the gifts of having friends and acquaintances help me to secure positions that mostly allow me meet my family’s most basic needs.

As the Gal-Or/Grossman Family prepares to move to the East Coast, I know that it would not have been possible if it weren’t for the support of so many people.  We have been touched by people helping us in a myriad of ways, too many ways to list.  Ironically, I believe that I have personally felt equally impacted by each and every person that has given in whatever way they deemed appropriate.  There have been absolutely no small offerings.

With each step, I have had no expectation that anyone would reach out and help.  For some silly reason, I initially felt alone and very scared.  It is quite daunting to go through dark experiences and believe you will land on your feet.  But truthfully, while life has tossed me some vicious punches; I have been enveloped by love and support for entire second half or more of my life.  I am surrounded by people that have held on to our family while we walked through fire.  Over the years, I have truthfully been far from alone.

Monday night was another example of how one friend brought happy tears to my eyes and warmed my heart.  I am blessed, so very blessed.

Before I share about the amazing treasure I received from Indianapolis, I have to tell a story.

A few weeks ago, I was kvetching on Facebook about how much I am missing the changing of seasons.  I love seeing the leaves change; it rocks my world.  At the time, I was just whining, I had no expectation that I would see autumn leaves this year.  Why would I? I am in the middle of the desert.  🙂  (To be honest, there are changing leaves on Mount Lemmon; that’s not so far.  I just couldn’t get there because of my work and packing schedule.)

Well. . .all my kvetching got the attention of my beloved weird sistah, Ren Fortang, in Indianapolis.  During our exchanged she promised to send me some leaves from her yard.  AND SHE DID!!! Her little package was full of happiness for me. I couldn’t have been happier if I tried.

Leaves from Ren


To be honest, the leaves made me the happiest; I couldn’t believe Ren pulled off such an amazing gift.  AND I loved every square inch of the gift from the envelope it came in, to the pin which quoted Mother Teresa, “. . .do small things with great love.”  Ren even included the new CD from Bruce Springsteen, one of my favorite singer/songwriters.  Every square inch of this little gift package nurtured my soul.  (Do you think this blog can replace a thank you note?)

Now just because I love the term basheret, it was meant to be, I want to share that after opening Ren’s gift I was reading Stitches: A Handbook On Meaning, Hope and Repair by Anne Lamott and on page 14, I found Mother Teresa’s quote, the same quote that was on the pin.  My guess is that there is a huge lesson there, so I better listen up!

Ren’s gift is symbolic of the beauty that continues to flow as I emerge from some challenging times and take on my next adventure.  I couldn’t have made it this far without the enormous support that has surrounded me; I have received so many treasures over the past year and years before that too.  I truly believe that when we consciously walk in the world with an open heart and love to share, the world will ultimately grow into a healthier place.   My friends have shown me this and I hope to continue paying it forward with each and every step of my life.

With love, light, and blessings,

PS – We have been blessed with nearly 70 people giving to our Go Fund Me Drive – http://www.gofundme.com/g8o220


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Making significant changes in my life, in any of our lives, can leave us self-absorbed.  Changing behaviors that are often ingrained in our being takes time and energy; we become totally fixated by the task at hand.  Becoming too focused on the journey can also create challenges; it can create obsession.  While I have chosen to share my journey towards giving up added sugar and other sweeteners to my diet, I am not feeling overly indulgent of this journey.

I love to write; writing soothes my soul and helps strengthen my foundation and conviction to live and function as I do.  I wouldn’t be the person I am if I couldn’t write.  But writing is only part of who I am.  I am also a fierce believer in human rights, love of the earth, and education of all sorts.

And lately, I am feeling blessed to be taking care of myself as I am.  My life is a blessing; so taking care of it is not optional.  Having said that, there seems to be a magical energy that comes from thoroughly attending to my needs and honoring them.   And as that energy is ignited I seem to soar in other areas too.  I am more centered.  Both my sons and my work benefit as I  become more aware of how I walk in the world.   Feeling more centered is a great springboard for connecting more with the world around me.

The mental clarity that is coming from eliminating sugar is leading me to a spiritual shift.  Perhaps I was headed there anyway.  I know I have been feeling more connected to my dreams/hopes for Israel; I have also been cognizant of my carbon footprint; and considering my role in national and/or local politics.  My voice has found some ways to reach outside of myself and is seeking a stronger platform.  My goal is to be steadfast in my desire to be an active participant in making our world a better place.  It always has been, but something is shifting.  As my body starts to settle into my new routine, I am feeling more equipped for engaging in the causes that I hold dear to my heart.

Many of you know that chanting moves me like nothing else can.  Chanting leads me towards empowerment in nearly every area of my life.  With that in mind I wanted to share this chant which is created and sung by Danya and Eyal Rivlin.  The Rivlins refer to their chant as the Multicultural Peace Chant:

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could bring peace into this world by chanting together. Perhaps we should try to start connecting with one another through music. Music really does heal the soul; perhaps it could work magic in other ways too! Hari, Om, Sat Nam, Shalom, Salaam – Peace begins with me!

In this moment, I believe peace does begin with me; it begins with my willingness to be present with others and to listen to their voices, their thoughts, their dreams.  With each breath, I also believe that taking care of my body is allowing me to embrace the soul work of doing real tikun olam (reparing the world).  In reality, I can only begin to take care of the world if I am taking care of myself too.

May each of us take care of ourselves, reach outside ourselves, and have this the above chant in our souls.

With light and blessings, Chava

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