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Birkhat HaChamah  5769

The cycle of the sun and the cycle of the moon have guided nearly every moment of my existence.  The rhythm of my body, the swaying of my spirit, and the essence of my creativity seem to have the most focus and peace when I am aware of what is happening within nature’s light.

Whenever I feel lonely or sad, I look outside and see if I can find the sun or the moon.  With that foundation to look up to, I often find a moment of solace within my own turbulent storms.  Taking the time to breathe in the energy of the both the sun and moon strengthen my soul, my core.

Over the past week or two, I have received one of the most tremendous gifts of a lifetime.  Friends and scholars from far and near have shared the teachings of Birhat HaChamah, the blessing of the sun. Birkhat HaChamah, is recited once every 28 years when the vernal equinox of the sun reaches the same position it occupied at the time of the biblical story of creation.  The story may or may not be true, but for some reason that doesn’t matter in the least.  What matters is that together, people all over the globe are appreciating the cycle of the sun the way that I do every day.  But now we have a reason to realize the power of the sun as a people.

Tomorrow morning, before the sun rises, I will go to a location that is free of cars, free of chaos, and filled with nature.  There I will begin to softly chant psalms/prayers of nature and light.  As the sun rises, I will position myself in mountain and tree poses as I also allow myself to recognize the gift of the sun!

Changing my name to Gal-Or, wave of light, was only the beginning of acknowledging the treasure of natural light within my environment and down to the core of my soul.

This metaphorical celebration, Birkhat HaChamah, is reminding me to feel grateful for the sun and how it sustains me and the life of so many in our environment, our world!

I am so thankful to those of my friends that shared Birkhat HaChamah with me, especially Menuhah among many others!

With love and light,


PS-This blog entry keeps disappearing, not certain why.  This is the 4th time I have posted it.  Sigh. . . .

Happy morning light!

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