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Moving across the country to a new city is far from easy.  We left behind many friends and some family too.  In many ways, our family lost our security blanket.   With each mile to the southwest we traveled further and further from our those folks who have been part of our beloved family of choice.  In so many ways, my boys and I are wondering:

  • Will we make friends?
  • Will we have help when we need it?
  • Will Tucson jazz our souls?

Of course we don’t have an answer yet, but I imagine Tucson will be amazing. The people I work with and the people on the street have all been full of kindness.

With each passing day, I find myself amazed at the warmth that surrounds me.  There have been large and small gifts at every turn.  People have opened their doors and invited us to stay.  We have yet to meet someone on the road or in a store that was less than pleasant.  People are offering insights of where to eat, where to fix our bikes, and what doctors to consult with.  And tonight, we were touched a totally unsuspected gift.

Tonight, the people in front of us paid for our ice cream.  Wow.  The gift touched me deeply.  Moving is expensive, tonight was a splurge that I probably shouldn’t have considered, yet it was something I needed to do for Dovi, my younger son.  He needed Imma (mommy) time and he loves ice cream!  We were having an amazing time together and schmoozing with strangers along the way.  We went to a recycling center to drop off recycling; we went to Barnes & Noble to look at books; and finally, we went to Coldstone for ice cream.  The best part of our evening is that Dovi and I really had fun together and we met cool people along the way too.

I am filled with gratitude.  The universe has been great to us.

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Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. ~Mahatma Gandhi

Forty-five years into my life, I am still learning that when I honor my soul and take care of myself that everything works out a little more easily.  Those that know me know that I am intense, but I am also fun loving and full of life.  That means that I have to navigate the world with the spirit that fills me.  Only when I embrace those realities fully am I able to maintain inner peace.   Finding the integrity to be fully present in the tough times allows me to better celebrate the gifts that exist in both the challenges and the gifts of daily life.

Wow, what a week.  I am feeling so filled with gratitude for how the universe has worked for me this week.  Nearly every interaction has given me insight and forced me to take stock.  An Aikido master inspired me, as did a wasp and bed bugs too.  Colleagues rallied around me and I heard some sweet comments from lay leaders.  I was blown away by the love and respect I felt for who I am as an educator and a person.  I also took the time to take care of myself and trust the process. Finally, I mended some fences and allowed my voice to be strong, but not unkind in each interaction.

I also had wonderful moments in which I was able to be present for some of my beloved friends who were celebrating life or working through some of life’s tough stuff.  I was also privy to be trusted; people shared things with me that they weren’t ready to let out into their smaller or larger world.  I feel honored.

Not every interaction felt comfortable, but every interaction felt grounded and spiritually right. Even motherhood worked nearly every moment.  I am so blessed.  Life might not be simple, but it is full of empowering moments that continue to propel me forward.

With each passing day, this week has touched me deeply.

Some of the highlights are:

  • Waking up from anesthesia after a colonoscopy was peaceful; I felt like angels were surrounding me.  The beautiful energy surrounded me gave me such inner peace.  Although I was quite traumatized by the act of being sedated and feeling alone in this time of my life, I knew that I would go through the procedure easily and that anesthesia would not hurt me this time.  Normally, I wake up extremely ill; not this time!!!  I believed all would be OK and it was!!!
  • When I dealt with challenging conversations, I remained grounded and internally peaceful.  The outcomes are not necessarily going to be easy to maneuver, but at least I spoke with the love and kindness that is part of what I hope to be my essence.
  • Our lawn got mowed and I started the process of caring for it a little bit better.  A few folks gave me simple advice and I was able to welcome the thorns that greeted me because I can’t find work gloves and I didn’t want to purchase new ones without better looking.  My small lawn looks better and I know a little more now than I knew when I started dealing with the thorns, vines, and weeds.
  • I met a wonderful person who I believe will become an ally in helping me to create a retreat for healing and transformation from childhood trauma.  In the one-hour conversation, I learned so much about how our bodies intuitively handle life’s experiences.  The conversation carried me through the day and into the evening when I met a wasp.
  • While leading Friday night services at the synagogue that I work, I found a wasp on my music stand.  At first, I became really anxious which is how I handle bees/wasps and spiders I don’t recognize.  And then I took a deep breath and escorted the wasp and music stand outside so that the wasp could live his/her life out fully.
  • Now for the bed bugs, Michael was certain that I brought bed bugs to visit his home in North Carolina and that I had somehow managed to invite them into Aryeh’s bed where he was eaten alive one night.   Instead of panicking and attempting to share this information with the many people I visited over the summer, I took a deep breath and said that we would handle what ever we had to handle after the bed bugs were confirmed by a reputable service/person. Bottom-line is that there are funky bugs down south and Aryeh was not bitten by bed bugs. Yippee!!!!

As this week ended and the new week began, I was able to celebrate something as simple as light.  After Shabbat I went to the local hardware store and purchased new light bulbs.  I now have a new, fantastic, and bright Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) Bulb; I had been unhappy with the lightening in the lamp next to bed for about three years, but I thought I had to deal with what I had for environmental reasons. I was wrong! Last night I purchased a new CFL when the old one burned out and now I can really read my books before I crash for the night.  Life is really good!

Reality is simple; we live it daily.  And life can be daunting and full; it can also be filled with gifts at every turn.  The question is how do you walk through life and find those gifts.

Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.~Thich Nhat Hahn

Even as we do the hard work of living, may we each be blessed to find the gifts at every turn.

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