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Day 3 – June 24, 2012

“If you want to enjoy the rainbow, be prepared to endure the storm.”  ~Wendel Wiersbe


Day 3 included some fun, beautiful skies, and one hell of car trip through Arkansas.  By the time we get through this trip, I don’t believe we will remember our awesome time at the Rock and Soul Museum in Memphis, but the 3 + hours it took for us to get about approximately 3 miles was rough. Literally one mile per hour sucks!  Once we made it through the grumps, we actually laughed a lot.  Why stay grumpy when there is no choice.  Besides, we really do feel grateful knowing that we are OK and just a little inconvenienced.

Each day of our trek, we are keeping a journal with notes of what stands out.  Yesterday’s realizations include:

  1. When people who prepare/serve our food our happier, the food tastes better than when they are not.  This is obvious even for simple Subway Salads.
  2. We have had two hotel rooms over two days that were #212, does that mean I should have been born on that day instead of 2/13.  🙂 What do you think that could mean?
  3. Books on CD make any trip easier.  Aryeh and I are really enjoying Run by Ann Patchett.  Dovi is continuing to read; yesterday he read one book.  🙂
  4. Arkansas sucks.  Two reasons.  One, to quote Aryeh, “The Arkansas Rest Stop is like a prison made for midgets with its unkempt tile and cement room and squared off stainless steel appliances all kept uncomfortably low to the ground.”  Chava’s response is at least some folks will find this comfortable.  Two, the interstate is a mess because the state stopped funding work way before the work was complete.  (Note: An accident plus one lane interstate traffic is messy business.)
  5. Sunsets and newish moons are always worthy of shechayanu prayer, a moment of thanking the universe for the moment in time.
  6. Aryeh has missed not finding antique shops and Ruby Tuesdays along the way.  Dovi couldn’t a care a less.  He, however, is always on the lookout for ice cream.

So, the time has come for us to travel again.  And we all agree, Arkansas should never be visited again.  The good news is that I have one friend who is awesome from here, so perhaps this was just a problem visit!

With love, light, and blessings. . . .our trek to Tucson continues.

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