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Traveling through Texas has been easier than each of us thought it would be.  Even through some of the boredom, we have found our time to be both enlightening and fun.  We are gaining insights and laughing as we explore and enjoy each others company too.  We are also exhausted to the core from traveling and would love to curl up into three balls today instead of hitting the road, but we need to keep moving, so we will. 🙂

The Texas terrain is absolutely majestic in places, yet we have also struggled through some of the obvious industrialization we have seen.  Fortunately the beauty is what sticks in our memories now.  Aryeh is surprised that he likes the landscape, but he still misses the green.

With each mile closer to Tucson, we are anxious about new beginnings.  Will I be able to serve Temple Emanu-El with the deep love that I feel for all Jewish communities? Will we all make friends and find our places in Tucson? Will we have what we need? We don’t know the answers, but we are hopeful and a little anxious too.

With the final leg of our trip expected to begin in a little less than hour. Here are some of the insights from yesterday’s excursion.

  1. On a road trip, Aryeh thinks it is OK to be a terrible person.  At one point, we bought some gas at an Exxon station (sigh) because the only other station was a Chevron (sigh).  We feel like we might have picked the lesser of two evils.  Still Aryeh and Dovi would not let me purchase a chocolate bar that was not fairtrade.  So, I guess we couldn’t be completely terrible poeple.
  2. We are absolutely out of element driving down the Texas highway in our Mazda 5.  A large pick up truck would be the only ‘real’ way to socially be comfortable as we drive on the Texas roads.  We might feel like we fit in a little more if we were driving a RV or an 18 wheeler :), although maybe not.
  3. Baird is a well kept dive with nothing but friendly people and tons of antique shops that were mostly closed.  We found ourselves wanting to remove an open flag when we parked at a cute store and it was closed.  We didn’t do it! 😉
  4. Also in Baird, we found an automotive parts store that also happened to be the town’s pawn shop, hardware store, cast iron cookware, gold and silver buyer, and finally real estate office.
  5. Aryeh’s loud burp startled Dovi and I; his burp was nearly worthy of causing an accident.
  6. In Texas, we found a lot more RV stores and less adult novelty stores being advertised along the roads.  We are wondering what that might mean.
  7. Ann Patchett obviously did not spend much time in Baltimore as the ending of the book Run demonstrates.
  8. Aryeh and Dovi were perplexed by waiting for four minutes behind a man who was buying expensive water and trying to choose which chewing tobacco to purchase.  Sounds a lot like people who purchase a chocolate bar to go with their diet soda.
  9. Rest stops are always worthy of rating.  Some are clean, some are artistic, and some are really gross.
  10. Hunger made us notice some things from fields growing food to Noodle Dome Road.
  11. We noted in our notes from yesterday that the signs that say Drive Friendly made us snicker, but as we are wrapping up our time in Texas, we want to acknowledge that Texans do, in fact, drive friendly even at a brisk 90 mph.   (The speed limit was 80 mph – wow.)
  12. Time changes are part of traveling.

Looking forward to seeing what today will bring.

With light and blessings,

Chava (and the boys)


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