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Laughter is vibrating throughout our entire house; the energy is spreading a pure sense of joy throughout each of us.

As I am sitting here writing, I have seven boys hanging out on our main level, some are eating breakfast, two are playing with one of our three dogs, another one is snuggling another dog, and the puppy Is locked up in his kennel because if he was out of the kennel Pita, as we call him, would be eating a portion of everyone’s breakfast.  Sigh.

Dovi is reverberating with happiness; he is surrounded by what I call the ‘pack animals’, his friends.  They are pure joy and sweetness!  I am so profoundly grateful for these boys that Dovi calls friends and for Fairhaven School, the democratic school, which many of them attend together.

For Dovi, I am feeling exhilaration; he has wanted to have his friends over for so long, for two years in fact.  Aryeh’s health wouldn’t allow it.  Even though we are still having a roller coaster ride towards health with our older son, we are absolutely moving in the right direction.

Last week, Aryeh told us it was time to schedule Dovi’s sleepover party for his 12th birthday.  Three months late and lots of good excuses later, we called all the parents with five days notice and viola it happened.  We had nine boys hanging out last night with seven of the boys sleeping over!

Aryeh has felt his own sense of loss that Dovi’s life has been altered due to his illness.  At 15 years old, he feels responsible for the evolving family dynamics, for the quietness we have all endured due to his pain.   I can’t change the way Aryeh feels, but I am so proud of him for enduring the pain as he does and also for his thoughtfulness when it comes to looking for ways to again fill our lives with the kinetic energy that we all love.

Our home was once filled with music, dance, and all sorts of drumming rhythms, but today is a little less energetically kinetic.  Aryeh probably remembers our Friday evening drumming before our Shabbat dinner; Drumming and singing nigunnim (tunes) was part of our Kabbalat Shabbat, Welcoming the Shabbat.

While our world has quieted a bit, we are slowly learning not to cringe with each extra sound.  Our dogs haven’t really quieted too much.  In fact, as Dixie has gotten older, she has the bark of a paranoid being.  In some ways that is probably a gift; we haven’t been allowed to get too used to silence.  The dogs won’t allow it.

Even though the ‘pack animals’ have gone home, there is a strong sense of peace and gratitude filling my soul.  For all the parents that trusted their children to hang out with us on a Saturday night, thank you!!! Sharing your children has added so much life back into our home!!!

We have moved one step closer towards health this weekend! Yippee!!!!

With blessings and light!


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Wanted to share the below facebook entry.  I will start writing weekly updates on Sundays, so that folks can know more about ‘Our Journey Towards Health’.

Facebook, blogs, and emails are great for reconnecting old friends.  I love that, but right now I am looking for the words that help let people know how I really am. . . how my family is.

The last two years have been a virtual hell.  The good news is that we have been blessed to find some amazing gifts as we have moved through the last two years, but no part has been easy for anyone in our family.

Michael and I have two beautiful children; 15 year old Aryeh and 12 year old Dovi.  Both boys are filled with enormous wisdom and gentle souls.  That has helped them as we move through our experiences.  We also have three funky mutts, two old girls (Mukseh and Dixie) and a one year old vibrant shepphard mix named Pita (Pain in the ass).

Two years ago, Aryeh was diagnosed with a 6.5 arachnoid cyst in his brain.  The cyst quite literally shattered our world as we knew it.  His pain destroyed any sense of life that we had.  At the same time, Aryeh has always looked at life as a mountain worth climbing.  Most of the time he has climbed the mountain step by step, other times the pain has been so great, but he does what he needs to do.

Two years later, one craniotomy and a second serious brain surgery, many hospital visits, and more doctors. . . Aryeh is still healing.  His prognosis is great; although he is home-bound now.

Ask me how we are . . . . We are profoundly grateful to have our family; we are tired because the process is challenging and quite simply we can’t get enough sleep.

Many friends were so present for us over the last two years; we could not have made it without them.  As time wears on, people are less present.  In reality, we don’t ask. . .we are too tired and are doing what we need to do.

Michael has a job that he likes as an executive director of a Conservative Synagogue and I am the Director of Congregational Education of a fabulous unaffiliated congregation.  Sometimes I am sorry to have left the community I used to work, but my new community is working out well.  The good news is that both our jobs are fairly good at dealing with our schedule needs.

Today, Aryeh’s first craniotomy site hurts all the time.  He is on some very strong medications that will hopefully kill the nerve pain of the first site.  And he is on narcotics to help him get through the pain as the other med works.  After nearly two months, we are seeing an improvement.  Slight, but still present.

Dovi has thrived through this journey.  He is filled with kindness and a great sense of humor.  His friends and school experience keep him grounded in the ‘world according to Dovi’–that works for us, that works for him too!  He is a happy well adjusted boy.

As we move through our lives, we are positive; we know that this chapter will end at some point.  Aryeh wants me to write about our journey, I think I might.

In the meantime, if you pray, please keep Aryeh Yaacov ben Chava in your thoughts and prayers. If not, just visualize our family filled with health!

As time progresses, I will start updating Aryeh’s progress in our notes.  Keep checking back to what will be called ‘Our Journey towards Health’.

With love,

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Hello world!

Welcome to LightWaveJourney

A few year’s ago I changed my last name to Gal-Or, Wave of Light, because I wanted a name that represented the light I see in even the darkest situations, as well as the light I see in most everyone around me.

My hope is that this blog gives folks a view of the light that permeates my essence.  As time moves forward, you will see that I am a survivor in many ways, but with each story I share, you will also see how I was able to find sparks of light through even through the largest of challenges.  Through the years I have found insights and developed tools for working through the journey toward light.  I continuously look for ways to live life consciously, more simply; I have continually developed better ways to live as a Jew, a person, and a mother.

My journey has empowered me to embrace some really powerful life choices.  Sometimes, I think too much, other times, I share too much…..so blogging is the perfect outlet.

My journeys are mine alone, but I hope that the kernels of wisdom that have strengthened me will also strengthen you.  I’ve always enjoyed sharing my treasures.

Hope you enjoy the LightWaveJourney and learn a little too!!!!  Thank you for  visiting.

Blessings and light,

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